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Birthday Special : The A-Z Shades Of Salman Khan

Birthday Special : The A-Z Shades Of Salman Khan


Birthday Special : The A-Z Shades Of Salman Khan

Salman Khan celebrates his 53rd birthday today and the megastar had had a career spanning almost three decades. The Khan who is known to have the biggest of heart had also been surrounded with a lot many highs & lows. Let’s decode what makes Salman Khan the person he is…


B-Town’s most loved superstar Salman Khan

Very seldom it happens that whenever an actor or a pop-culture icon dons a hairstyle or a new look or tries something in fashion, eventually becomes a nationwide trend. Be it his lucky charm bracelet or his Tere Naam hairdo, his statements are followed throughout the nation and such fandom is hard to achieve. The one actor who has seen it all, done it all and is still roaring hard at the top, is the birthday boy Salman Khan who celebrates his 53rd birthday today.

He is easily one of the hugest and the biggest superstar Indian cinema has seen. He does all types of films and gets away with it not forgetting the blind faith his fans have in him. Khan, who has seen more than two decades in his acting-career has seen people come and go but has maintained his reign like a boss. The actor who is known to have the biggest heart has given launches to countless actors and yet never acted like he is actually the reason for the smooth running livelihood of thousands of people. Be it the actors, his bodyguards, his staff or people working for his charity-foundation and clothing brand, Being Human.

Salman Khan has seen the most roller-coaster turn of events in his life whether it be his girlfriends, his stardom and a few unwanted incidents which all happened in his life make his life a brilliant script for any Bollywood film. Though he says he is a virgin, he has dated some really strong women in his life from the likes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Katrina Kaif. The whole nation wants him to settle down and get married but this man has got different plans all together it seems. He has had quite many volatile relationships in which a few have seen multiple years but never met their destination. All said and done, we still want Khan to find his special someone and have kids just like all his colleagues.

He is a family man and his heart belongs to the people he loves. His goodwill knows no boundaries and his relationships have only grown stronger with every passing day! We keep hearing many celebs saying that a true friend like Salman is hard to find and he is a keeper. The Bollywood superstar was also associated with a camp infamously known as ‘The Khan Camp’ which had the likes of a bevy of actors who have successfully resurrected their careers under his mentor-ship & using his influence.

Hence, the Khan who has been touted as the ‘bad boy’ of B-Town is originally the most golden hearted man here. He made careers of many single-handedly and you’ll never seem him boasting about it and that is what makes him rare. He is a phenomenon which he himself has created and has owned it. He has had various highs and similarly, many falls in respect to the legal cases in his life be it the Black buck case or the car-accident which got him landed amidst a lot many controversies but not many know, he isn’t the one who should be blamed for it. For example, in the black buck case, he is not the one who did it but he was the brave-heart who owned it and took it to himself and never exposed the one who should have accepted it way back. Sad but true!


Birthday Special : The A-Z Shades Of Salman Khan

From being the first actor who changed the definition of being shirtless to having the biggest heart & even controversial life, Salman Khan has done it all.


He is the true Dabangg (like literally) and the true Bhaijaan in B-Town to say the least as everyone considers him their MAIN MAN in their lives. Salman Khan is a phenomenon for the things he did in his life and always stood up for them without having the slightest will to garner any amount of media attention for the same, In the superficial world of showbiz, no one comes to meet a friend who is in jail or in some legal trouble all the way different city to know what is going inside that person’s heart, for example, Preity Zinta, and no one does it.


Summing it up, Salman Khan is the ultimate human who values relationships, knows what brings revenue in terms of films, is a friend for life and is brutally honest & outspoken is his life. We love you Salman and here is wishing you a lifetime of happiness ahead.

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