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Post Sajid Khan’s Suspension, Alok Nath Is Going To Suffer Severe Punishment Over #MeToo Allegations!

Post Kate Sharma's SHOCKING Revelation, IFTDA Takes Final Action Over #MeToo Cases Against Alok Nath And Sajid Khan!


Post Sajid Khan’s Suspension, Alok Nath Is Going To Suffer Severe Punishment Over #MeToo Allegations!

It was earlier on reported that soon enough IFTDA will be taking serious actions against #MeToo abusers Sajid Khan and Alok Nath, well, the time has come and justice is being meted out! Read deets:

The Bollywood director Sajid Khan has been accused of se*ual harassment by a lot of women who came up with their #MeToo stories!

Starting out with the decision being made on the several reports against Sajid Khan, the Indian Films & Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) announced a one-year suspension for Sajid Khan. A decision that will definitely benifit the future of our industry bringing in another much needed change. The filmmaker had been accused of sexual harassment by several victims from actor Rachel White, assistant director Saloni Chopra to a journalist, among others.

In conversation with a leading daily, Ashoke Pandit, president of IFTDA, has now stated that the attention shall be subjected towards Alok Nath, another of #Metoo abusers. He stated, “We have gone into the depth of the matter here. Next on our agenda is Vinta Nanda’s case against Alok Nath. We will move to it in the next five days, and ensure a speedy trial on the matter,” says Pandit, who had set up an Internal Complaints’ Committee (ICC) in keeping with the POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace) guidelines to look into Khan’s case.

He is also looking forward to making alliances with several other studios so as to preempt such cases for the longer run, “We have a senior counsel on board, and with them, we will be doing educational sessions in film schools. We will also be speaking to studio spaces like Mehboob, Film City, Kamalistan and ND Studios to ensure that they set up an ICC and a committee for women employees, lest an unfortunate incident happens at any workplace.”

The senior actor Alok Nath has been accused of rape by Vinta Nanda, the producer of the popular television show of 90s, Tara!

Meanwhile, Rachel White, who is one of the #Metoo survivor, and had raised her voice against Sajid Khan, stated, “Several women have named him, so it’s not one person’s word against the other’s. We had sent detailed e-mails but weren’t kept in the loop about the ruling. I have an issue with the fact that there is no clarity on how they came to the decision. That’s only a fair expectation from a woman who took the risk to come out with a personal account. However, the step is a much-needed beginning. It hurts that Sajid has denied all charges.”

While Sajid Khan isn’t available for any kind of statement at the moment. It is at least a progressive step towards a bigger change.

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