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6 Revelations Made By The Newly Married Priyanka Chopra Jonas That Will Reveal A Lot About Her Married Life With Nick Jonas


6 Revelations Made By The Newly Married Priyanka Chopra Jonas That Will Reveal A Lot About Her Married Life With Nick Jonas

Post her grand Bollywood style wedding with Nick Jonas, newly married Priyanka Chopra as always keeps breaking stereotypes, well, our Desi Girl has always been GOALS. However, in an interesting conversation with Zee Hindustan, Priyanka revealed quite the reasons of being the breaker of stereotypes and revealed many other surprising facts!

When asked about her opinion on breaking so many stereotypes and always being ahead in the trend, she stated, “I hate stereotypes, hate being put in stereotypes and hate people being out in it as well; because stereotypes are lazy. You’re lazy to get to know something, you’re not curious to get know something different in life. I love life, love the opportunities life gives to those people who are hungry and passionate. I’m that person.”

Priyanka revealed about her days when she had just started out in Hollywood and in the US, “If someone does stereotype me, like in the US at the start, I was expected to speak in a certain way with a certain dialect! But, everyone doesn’t speak like that, and I hated that pre-determined opinion of people looking at us.”

Making her point yet again, she gave out another one of the examples that most of our B-Town actresses have been breaking nowadays, but is yet to go away completely.
“There are so many of the same kind in our own country for women, like a women’s career in her 30s is perceived like she is too old. Whereas, a guy can be 50 and still be the romantic lead. These are all the barriers in people’s minds that they’re too lazy to break away from.”

Talking about her upbringing and how her parents have affected the making of out-of-the-box decisions. “Just like my parents taught me to have an opinion in my life of my own, I think it is something that we all should practice as parents to teach children that their minds are worth something, it will definitely change the future generations for a better part.”

Taking on the numerous trolls and debates amongst people about the age difference in-between her and Nick, Priyanka Chopra addressed it all saying, “In India, we love couples and marriages where the men are older than the women. At times we had 12-yr old girls being married to double their age men, and that’s okay. And, this is a debate, we should be ashamed of ourselves. At least those talking about this age difference should be ashamed of themselves.” Well, definitely yet another stereotype broken by her!

Lastly, she talked to proudly of her second investment, while addressing to another stereotype that PeeCee has made an effort to do away with in her own ways. “I have invested in Holberten School of engineering in the US, it is super fascinating because the profession itself hasn’t been quite diverse or have had women at the helm of it. Which is quite ignorant of us and disappointing because most of the time we’ve been told that engineering isn’t a women’s job. But, women are so amazing with math and coding as seen in the recent past. So, Holberten gives the amazing opportunity to achieve your goals in the same as a community education system.”

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra is soon to start with the schedule of Shonali Bose’s The Sky Is Pink yet again, opposite Farhan Akhtar. The film also stars Zaira Wasim and Rohit Saraf.

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