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Shweta Sinha, Sasural Simar Ka Actress Accuses Mahender Soni For Mentally Harassing Her.


Shweta Sinha, Sasural Simar Ka Actress Accuses Mahender Soni For Mentally Harassing Her.

Shweta Sinha, known for playing a grey comic character in the popular TV show Sasural Simar Ka has reportedly filed a police complaint against a professional celebrity photographer Mahender Soni for harassing her mentally. She filed the police complaint on 23rd November 2018 at the Malad Police Station. She stated that he has been sending her offensive messages and all this has been happening since September. However when contacted about the same, the photographer declined the allegations made against him.

Shweta accused the photographer for citing random excuses for not giving her the photographs and also does not reply to her calls.
“Mahender has been harassing me since I got my portfolio shot by him in September. Apart from citing random excuses for not giving me the photographs, he has also been harassing me mentally,”  revealed Shweta while talking to Times Of India. She further added “He doesn’t answer my calls, makes blank calls and sends me offensive messages at odd hours. After much pleading, he gave me a pen drive, ostensibly containing my photographs, and I cleared his dues.”

However she revealed that he cheated her by giving her some other girls’s photographs.
She further told that “However, when I checked the pendrive later, I realized that it had some other girl’s pictures. I had done a photoshoot with him earlier as well, but he had not behaved like this back then.”

But the photographer when contacted about the same denied this accusations to be true and said that she did not pay her for the pictures.
He said “Shweta has not paid me for the shoot. This is not the first time that I have done a photoshoot with her free of cost, but I can’t do that every time. Also, I have been asking her to collect her photographs.”

The actress however was now not interested in getting her photographs but just wanted the guilty to be punished.
She concluded saying, “I don’t want my pictures now. I just want action to be initiated against him, so that he doesn’t bother any other girl. I have been assured by the police that strict action would be taken against him, if he is guilty.”



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