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Here’s How Farhan Akhtar Reacted To The Final Judgement Being Passed On #MeToo Allegations Against Sajid Khan


Here’s How Farhan Akhtar Reacted To The Final Judgement Being Passed On #MeToo Allegations Against Sajid Khan

Bollywood’s MeToo Movement has started taking pace in the form justice against mistreatment towards those vulnerable, some powerful names have come forth but here’s what cousin Farhan Akhtar has to say about sexual allegations against Sajid Khan:

Among the several names exposed from B-town in the wake of #MeToo, Sajid Khan’s name had also joined the row. The filmmaker has been accused of se*ual assault by many women, including the actresses Saloni Chopra and Rachel White. Now, in the wake of justice being meted out, and cases standing on the verge of their final judgement, Farhan Akhtar reacts to all the allegations levelled against cousin Sajid Khan.

Post- the allegations levelled against him by not one but many victims, Sajid Khan soon stepped down as director from the film Housefull 4 and secondly, denied all the allegations in an official statement. However, in a media event, Farhan Akhtar was finally asked about these very accusations and his opinion on the #MeToo movement. Farhan told PTI, “If I did know I would’ve spoken about it way before the story broke. There was this certain guilt about that. How could this be going on and I had no idea? So there were conflicted emotions.”

Expressing a sense of disappointment, Farhan said, “It was surprise, disappointment and strangely, because when it’s a member of your family, you also feel a certain level of guilt. It’s happened to all of us in the past when we hear something like this and say ‘but how come someone so close to him didn’t know’”.

It has to be noted that, Farhan was one of the first B-Town celebs to condemn the actions of his brother, as he wrote, “I cannot adequately stress how shocked, disappointed and heartbroken I am to read the stories about Sajid’sbehavior. I don’t know how but he will have to find a way to atone for his alleged actions.” 

Reacting on the same, he stated, “So pretty much on the first day when three women came out and spoke, I felt it was important for me to speak out. Sajid, being my brother, I need to now work with him, try to figure out how he can see this thing through and how it is that he can make the women who have been affected by his actions, somehow feel better,” Farhan said. 

Well, we do hope that justice is served and that’s exactly how any and every victim shall feel better and able to move on!

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