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Birthday Special : 8 Things Which Make Shah Rukh Khan Unique!

Birthday Special : 8 Things Which Make Shah Rukh Khan Unique!


Birthday Special : 8 Things Which Make Shah Rukh Khan Unique!

He came, he saw and he conquered! Shah Rukh Khan is unique in every possible way and stands out. On his birthday, let us decode why! Read on…


It has been 29 years since the day when Shah Rukh Khan, a guy next door came into our lives and has never been allowed to go back ever since. He redefined the meaning of super stardom and was, is and will remain one of the biggest stars Bollywood has ever produced. He is witty, he is super charming, he is a superstar and he has this abundance of confidence which makes every thing extremely believable which he does and that is his strongest weapon.

So on his 53rd birthday, let’s take a detour of what makes Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan!


Self Made : The best example of a non-product of nepotism, Shah Rukh Khan, a Delhi boy came to Bombay with the biggest of dreams and almost no contacts. He started with TV and he got a tad bit of recognition but SRK didn’t settle for it as he knew somewhere what he is capable of. In 1992, his first film Deewaana released which had the superstars of that time, Rishi Kapoor and Divya Bharti but being the special human he was, he managed to garner attention all over him and created a nation wide impact with his first film only. What followed next was magical and well deserved, Khan won the Best Male Debut Award at the Filmfare awards and it was a huge thing! He had announced that he has arrived. Rest is history! He holds the record for winning the most number of Best Actor awards for any Indian actor.

Charmer : This guy has the best dimples in the world, his energy is infectious and he can make every ordinary thing look extraordinary worth a million bucks. And by now, you know that there is no one like SRK. All his ladies love him to death and his brothers consider him his main man. He is so charming that he will make one feel so special and that person will have tears in her/his eyes already. Lovers or be it haters, he does ways in his little magical way that no one can not love him!


Businessman :  Shah Rukh Khan is the second richest actor in the world, behind US comedian Jerry Seinfeld. You know why? Because the guy has countless talents and one being an ace entrepreneur. With houses in the States, Abu Dhabi, his own IPL team, his own production house and massive blockbusters, SRK is also called as the Wizard Of Entrepreneurship. Whether it being the marketing mafia, he knows how to mine gold!

King Of Romance : No one romances a heroine like Mr Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is India’s King Of Romance who is known for showcasing romance like no one has done till now. The charming actor has mastered the art of romancing B-town queens and makes it extra believable and every girl dreams of having a guy like SRK in her life.
Perfect Host : We have seen multiple of actors turning into hosts, presenters and anchors like Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda, Salman Khan, Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan etc but only a few end up being entertainers. Shah Rukh Khan started with the utmost famous show Kaun Banega Crorepati along with many other major award functions like Filmfare etc and few shows like Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai?  etc. His anchoring skills are filled with wit, humor, class and entertainment. Everyone loves him and he knows how to send the love back to the audience.
Team Leader : The owner of the famous IPL team Kolkata Knightriders  and another South African Based cricket league’s team, SRK invested in these profitable ventures like a boss. He followed his deeds by emerging as one of the most inspirational team-owners in IPL (other than Preity Zinta) in the most successful cricket-league ever in the world. His team did not become the ultimate winner in many of the seasons but was the ONLY singular IPL team which made profits every year thanks to the genius Shah is!

Family Man : Well, no secrets there! He is the loving husband, perfect father-figure and a complete family man. He has continued to give husband goals and father goals since decades. Always standing up for anything for his family, Shah Rukh also emerges triumphant and closes everyone’s mouths. Let us ask you one thing, why do you all love Abram so much? Because he is King Khan’s son, ain’t it?

Witty AF : SRK has countless fans but he has multiple haters as well. Many people keep trying to bring him down through their ways but Khan’s charismatic and sly wit shuns everyone like no one else! His wit and sly way of answering to every questions is goals and it says enough why he is a sheer genius. He will be so cool and gentle but at the same time, will get the perfect comeback that one will think that he/she was wrong in even asking that question. And that is, I believe, the most UNIQUE thing which the Emperor Khan has!

Well, a very very happy birthday to you King Khan. You still rule the hearts of billions and are easily one of the most popular actors of modern Indian cinema. We want you to keep ruling our hearts as it comes so easy to you and wish only good health, success and abundance of happiness on his birthday! Kya pata, Kal Ho Naa Ho!

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