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This Is How Bollywood Power Couples Are Breaking Major Stereotypes Around Marriages

This Is How Bollywood Power Couples Are Breaking Major Stereotypes Around Marriages


This Is How Bollywood Power Couples Are Breaking Major Stereotypes Around Marriages

Marriages and stereotypes are synonymous in so many ways & definitions. And, then there a few game-changers as well in Bollywood. Read on…

Have a look at the various power-couples in Bollywood which emerged as game-changers & killed stereotypes.

We have been seeing from decades how the roles of a husband and a wife are distributed in our Indian society quite categorically and the fact is that these roles are patriarchal, medieval, conservative and non-progressive. Even in the glorified and most talked about 21st century, we see all of this today as well which is quite saddening but then, there will always be game-changers. Especially in Bollywood, we have seen role-models and progressive couples who have left these traditionally aligned roles way before.

Let’s take the example of A-listed actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anushka SharmaSonam Kapoor etc who have been torch-bearers in changing the definitions assigned to that of a wife and a married woman. They got married to their respective better halves and are still doing what they used to do professionally. Neither from the lot has left acting or doing commercials or even humanitarian work. Moreover, they have branched out and have just gone out of the box to venture into new fields like production, sports etc.


These prolific women who are role-models today who broke many trends. They refrained from getting married at a tender age or early or middle 20’s because they knew the correct time to get settled which also helped them in not compromising with their career highs. They never sacrificed their careers as well but emerged as being wonderful wives, mothers and all these roles as well. Take Aishwarya for example, she still kills it at the Cannes Film Festival each and every year and remains globally relevant like a boss. She still is signed by the leading directors and producers and has been one of the highest paid actresses for years. And the same goes for Anushka who has not been sitting at home post marriage but have been doing film after film. They have become equal bread-earners if no less for their families and have not left this job only for their husbands breaking a major taboo.

As per the traditions, the girl gets wedded and leaves her house only to stay with the boy’s fam at his house and even that is changing now which is incredibly practical. Sonam Kapoor who got married to her long time beau Anand Ahuja is still settled in Bombay because of her career-priorities whereas Anand, who owns a textile company in Delhi lives in the capital and they both shift through different cities to spend time with other with no love lost!

Well, these women are the stellar examples of how you can have the best of both the worlds without losing out in careers. Take a bow ladies and keep shining and growing.




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