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Talent Above Stardom : The Modern Day Pioneers And Game Changers

Talent Above Stardom : The Modern Day Pioneers And Game Changers


Talent Above Stardom : The Modern Day Pioneers And Game Changers

2018 is coming to an end and we have seriously had some amazing films where some were content-driven. A few were extremely ballsy and many tried to show the real side of the society not forgetting the fact the they have to be entertaining at the same time. But the main underlying point which stood out this year were the actors who brought entertainment, critical acclaim as well as box-office collections to the table despite not having the ‘Superstar Tag’ around them. Read on…

Talent Above Stardom : The Modern Day Pioneers And Game Changers

Here are a few actors who we absolutely adore all thanks to the change they are bringing in modern cinema in Bollywood.

Today if you ask any cinema lover, any millennial or any youngster or even upcoming actors about their favorite actors, they won’t take a second and will present you names like Ayushmann Khurrana, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkummar Rao, Radhika Apte, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Sanya Malhotra etc and you will be like there is no Khan or a Kapoor or a Bachchan there in that list. Not taking away from these wonderful gems of Bollywood who have made and taken the industry to a place where it stands today but the new clan of actors have been surprising us with every passing film making Bollywood cinema a far more better and polished entity.

2018 has been one of those interesting years of Bollywood cinema where it has been officially proved that content is the new king over anything all thanks to the above mentioned actors who have been game-changers and the prolific movie makers. Movies like AndhaadhunStreeBadhaai HoRaaziManmarziyaanPataakhaSoormaOmerta and many more have just not garnered critical acclaim for all aspects of cinema but have also emerged winners at the box-office game. This proves one thing for sure that if you have good content, prolific performances and entertainment value, a 100 crore mark is always achievable even if there are no major superstars in the film. And it is a given that Bollywood is a business and commerce driven industry. One has to earn his bread and butter along with providing the same to everyone involved in the film-making right from the lead actors to the spot boy.

An actor like Ayushmann Khurrana is having the time of his life with back to back hits showing the various shades of his acting gravitas while Rajkummar Rao who had the same experience in 2017 is also paying heed on keeping the commercial and critical aspect strong and winning strongly. While Vicky Kaushal is proving that he is the most interesting new actor on the block with such mesmerizing performances proving that give him anything and he will do it right, Radhika Apte has maintained consistently that whatever goes wrong, she won’t and it’s a given that she is here to stay & prove that she is eternally made for her time. On the other hand, Taapsee Pannu has become the most dependable actors off lately with back to back mature performances maintaining her ‘actor over star’ image with aplomb and Sanya Malhotra who had impressed us with Dangal is also back in 2018 with two major films winning only appreciation from all around the corner of the nation.

Well, we love these modern day pioneers and game-changers who are here to stay and say it loud that they may not be the quintessential YRF and Dharma boys & girls, they have the same ability if not less, to make a film stand out and be a profitable affair on their own shoulders.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think of these actors.


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