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From Failed Marriage To His Son, Here’s All You Need To Know About Nana Patekar!


From Failed Marriage To His Son, Here’s All You Need To Know About Nana Patekar!

How much do we know the man who helps all in need, the man who acts magnificently on-screen, the man with a struggling background and past! Well, here’s all about Nana Patekar, from his failed marriage to his son and his career:

Tanushree Dutta Confirms Receiving Legal Notice From Nana Patekar!

We all know that veteran actor Nana Patekar is currently embroiled in Tanushree Dutta controversy, following her accusations against the former, we’re definitely in shock. After all, one just can’t ignore a man who’s always been one step ahead to help the ones in need. However, there’s more about this man that many aren’t aware off! Well, here are some of the most surprising facts of Nana Patekar’s life and background:

1) He used to earn his living from painting zebra crossing on roads or movie posters.

2) Neelkanti Patekar, wife of Nana Patekar worked in a bank. At the start, she used to earn more yet never failed to give more love and support to Nana Ji and his dreams.

3) He was 27 when he got married and the couple was soon blessed with the first son.

4) Following Nana Ji’s father’s death, things went quite array for the two. And, even after going through a lot of hardships, they couldn’t stay together and got divorced.

5) Post two-and-half years of his father’s death, Nana Patekar lost his son.

6) Nana still lives in a 1 bed, hall, kitchen flat with his mother, with no extravagant expenses in his life.

7) Nana Patekar has a second son with Neelkanti Patekar named Malhar Patekar.

8) Nana Patekar is a great social worker. From reaching out to peasants suffering under acute drought to giving 15,000 rupees to every family of 62 groups of farmers who had committed suicide.

Well, looking at all these facts allows a glimpse of the man he is, he has always been a man to speak and give his side of statements to all sorts of issues. So, what happened today, as he keeps his silence against Tanushree Dutta controversy!

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