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Bigg Boss 12: Here’s Why Sreesanth Will Prove To Be The Most Controversial Of All Contestants!


Bigg Boss 12: Here’s Why Sreesanth Will Prove To Be The Most Controversial Of All Contestants!

Bigg Boss 12 is all set to welcome some of the most vichitra jodi-daars and also some of the most controversial and entertaining celebs in today’s Bigg Night! However, the most awaited contestant has to be Indian cricket’s most controversial player as one of Bigg Boss 12 inmates. Hailing from Kerala, he is none other than controversies’ child Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, also an ex Indian cricketer.

Although the once upon a time cricketer is also known for his dancing skills, he is more infamous for his alleged match-fixing scandals and short temper. However, that’s not all, Sreesanth is one of the most controversial contestant on this season of Bigg Boss! And here’s how we can prove it to you:

1) Who would have thought he started out making a controversy, as during the Challenger Trophy match in Mohali in 2005, Sreesanth dared Sachin Tendulkar. Moreover, he took the wicket of the Master Blaster and broke into wild celebrations in the same game. That made his mark on the Indian Cricketer.

2) During the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) inaugural season, Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth after a Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians match, leaving behind a usually angry Sreesanth in tears. This controversial on-field interaction keeps resurfacing mostly all the time Sreesanth is in the middle of a controversy.

3) This one topped every other single controversy about the cricketer-turned-actor. Already struggling with on-field aggressive behavior, Sreesanth and two other players were arrested in 2013 on the suspicious grounds of spot-fixing or match-fixing as we call it, during the IPL tournament.

The police had charged three of them guilty for taking money to come to an agreement on a pre-determined number of runs in three different IPL matches.
Now, although all the three bowlers of Rajasthan Royals did deny of any wrong doings, however, got suspended by BCCI and the IPL team. Moreover, the Delhi Police even tried to keep the three in jail, reportedly on grounds that they had a “nexus” with an “organised crime syndicate”. Sreesanth was later banned for life on spot-fixing charges.

In Bigg Boss, his entrance will add to the tension or break it or he will prove to be the opposite of our expectations is yet to be seen. But, whatever it may be he will be an interesting housemate one can look forward to. So, watch out for this cricketer-turned-dancer-turned-actor for his skills inside the Bigg Boss house in season 12 as he knocks out his rivals from the show!

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