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From Arshi Khan’s Night Suits To Hina Khan’s Epic One-Liners, Here Are Things That Trended Worldwide Due To These Bigg Boss Contestants!


From Arshi Khan’s Night Suits To Hina Khan’s Epic One-Liners, Here Are Things That Trended Worldwide Due To These Bigg Boss Contestants!

We all love spicy drama in reality shows, we love controversial scandals, and maybe that’s why we all love watching Bigg Boss. Although Bigg Boss 12 will have newer version of trend-setters with their own mix of words, statements and maybe even dress codes. From Arshi Khan’s night suits to Dolly Bindra’s ‘Mere Baap Pe Mat Jana’ to Hina Khan’s ‘Maine Toh Kuch Kaha Hi Nahi’; truly did leave a mark of their identity!

Hence, a list of all those ex-contestants that have not only a left a mark with their journey but, have also created innumerous trends while in Bigg Boss:

1) Arshi Khan-
Not only known for her infamous night suits and gowns but also for her infamous trendsetting words- #AvaamSabJantiHai, #ZilatKeLadoo and many more! We could never get enough of her speaking skills, especially her Urdu!

2) Hina Khan-
With the most epic fashion game, to-be-honest her clothes were wanted by each and every girl. However, more than Hina Khan‘s style, it was her stagnant statement ‘Maine Toh Kuch Kaha Hi Nahi that set her trending all over! Oh! Let’s not forget- her epic NO-No-No and ofcourse our most fav #MereJaiseBanKeDikhao!

3) Dolly Bindra-
Dolly Bindra was a force to reckon with, her shouts of AAAEEE Mere Baap Pe Mat Jana’ used get us all annoyed, but that line definitely made her stuck throughout the seasons of Bigg Boss.

4) Akash Dadlani:
OMG! I never want to see another epic character like this one again, in this season! Seriously, his mood swings and his erratically deteriorating behavior was a headache. However, even he was quite the trend when he come up with #Bang-Bang! Well, that’s how we got out Bigg Boss 11 anthem.

5) Ajaz Khan-
We can never forget this one, his infamous statement Badi badi baatein aur Vada Pav khaate‘ made him quite the character. Moreover, let’s not forget the trendword he started #EkNumber!

6) Imam Siddiqui-
Can we take some time and wish to the universe that never shall there be another Imam Siddiqui on Bigg Boss. His #TimeOut addressed to none other than our Dabangg host Salman Khan didn’t just get him in danger, it made him trend as the one with no sense but nonsense!

7) Mandana Karimi-
This one was fun, although she was quite the hardcore contestant in the show against Prince Narula and Kishwer Merchant, Mandana’s Hinglish was an epic in itself! While watching each episode of season 9, her full English and zero accomplishments in speaking Hindi was an entertainment in itself! Some words actually made it to the trendsetting lists!

Well, this list can go on and on, but I think the upcoming season will create much more dhamaal and more drama and more trendsetting lists. Well, we should definitely keep some space open for Bigg Boss 12!

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