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These 7 Contestants Took The Role Of Villains And Made Sure To Make Everyone Else’s Life Miserable On Bigg Boss!


These 7 Contestants Took The Role Of Villains And Made Sure To Make Everyone Else’s Life Miserable On Bigg Boss!

While some contestants were very calm and quiet, there were some others who were very villainous on the show Bigg Boss!

There have been different types of contestants on the controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss. And all of them had a different way of entertaining the audience. While some showed their honest and peaceful nature, there were some others who took the roles of the villains.

From Dolly Bindra to Imam Siddique, there have been quite a few contestants on the show who made the life of the other contestants miserable while their stay inside the BB house.

Check out these 7 contestants who made the life hell for others inside the BB house:

1.       Dolly Bindra: From Shweta Tiwari to Ashmit Patel, Manoj Tiwari to Sameer Soni, Dolly had left no contestant with whom she didn’t have a fight on the show. With her heavy voice and short temper, she was known to make the season 4 very interesting.

2.       Imam Siddique: One of the most talked about contestants of season 6, Imam was also known for picking fights on petty things. He had even thrown his famous dialogue of ‘time out’ at the host Salman Khan. Now how gutsy was that?

3.       Kamaal Rashid Khan: The self-proclaimed critic is anyway known for taking ‘pangas’ with the people from B-town. And he continued his ritual even inside the BB house. From Vindu Dara Singh to Rohit Verma, he fought with them all. KRK had even thrown a bottle at Rohit.

4.       Om Swami: You can imagine how the contestant was just by the fact that he threw his urine at his co-contestants. From making se*ist remarks to picking fights with anyone and everyone, he had surely made the life hell for others on the show.

5.       Rakhi Sawant: The dancer-actress has created an ample amount of drama in the outside world. And she did exactly the same when she was inside the BB house. I mean how much can you fight over a mug? Well, you should see Rakhi fighting for it to know that there is actually no limit to it.

6.       Mandana Karimi: The Iranian beauty had some real talent in picking fights as there was hardly any contestant who was friends with her. Rochelle Rao to Keith Sequeira, Prince Narula to Priya Malik, everyone had at least one argument with her.

7.       Rishabh Sinha: Since the day he entered as a wild card contestant, he made it clear that he was not on the show to make any friends. And he showed it during a task when he made Kishwer Merchant act like a dog and fetch a bone on four limbs for hours.

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