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Bigg Boss 12: Here’s What Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Bandgi Kalra Had To Advice The BB12 Contestants And Show-Host Salman Khan!


Bigg Boss 12: Here’s What Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Bandgi Kalra Had To Advice The BB12 Contestants And Show-Host Salman Khan!

Bigg Boss 12 is two days away but the excitement and anticipation of the 12th season is making it quite difficult for us to survive. But, we’re not the only one, here’s Bandgi Kalra, ex-contestant of season 11, giving out her own thoughts, expectations and advice for Bigg Boss 12.

Here’s what Bandgi Kalra had to say about her expectations for season 12 to a leading daily:

On being asked about her thoughts and expectations for Bigg Boss 12: Bandgi Kalra replied, “I was never a committed viewer of the show before being a contestant. I used to watch Weekend Ka Vaar episodes for Salman Khan. After coming back from the show, I watched last two seasons of Bigg Boss. It was so interesting that I was glued to the screen. As per what I have heard and the responses we have received post the show, Bigg Boss 11 was a super hit. So, the makers and the contestant have a task to match up to the benchmark we created.”

Well, that’s very true indeed, Bigg Boss 11 was an extraordinary journey not only for the contestants inside but also for the audience.

Furthermore, she added, “The bar is high. I am very excited for the new season. I just cannot believe that it’s been a year to my season. It still feels real. I feel so connected that I’m sure when I will watch season 12, I will be jealous that why there are unknown people in my house. Two days back only, I was telling Puneesh how weird it is going to be for us to see someone else appearing on Bigg Boss. It was our place! That’s the feeling we have.”

On the other hand, on being asked about her advice to the Bigg Boss 12 contestants, she said, “Just be yourself because no game plan can work inside the house. You cannot plan because you are under surveillance 24/7. Do whatever the situation is asking you to do.”

“If you are aiming to win, then give your hundred percent. If you’re there for an experience, make the most of every moment,” added Kalra.

Meanwhile, on a concluding note, the beautiful ex-contestant gave out a small but adorable message for our show-host Salman Khan. Bandgi Kalra gave out a sweet message stating, “I love you and thank you for supporting us so much.”

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 12 To Have Jodis Of Celebs And Commoners?

Well, one thing is for sure, the bars are set and the house is ready, all we await is the entry of our jodi-daars!

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