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Review : Mitron Is A Pleasant Surprise, Entertaining And Earthy, Jackky Bhagnani And Kritika Kamra Shine Throughout

Review: Mitron Is A Pleasant Surprise, Entertaining And Earthy, Jackky Bhagnani And Kritika Kamra Shine Throughout


Review : Mitron Is A Pleasant Surprise, Entertaining And Earthy, Jackky Bhagnani And Kritika Kamra Shine Throughout

Mitron starring Jackky Bhagnani, Kritika Kamra is the surprise package of the year so far. Entertaining from the word go, the movie which has a beautiful writing will make you laugh as well as think. Read on…

Movie : Mitron

Director : Nitin Kakkar

Cast : Jackky Bhagnani, Kritika Kamra, Pratik Gandhi, Shivam Parekh, Neeraj Sood

Rating : 4/5

Mitron directed by Nitin Kakkar is a light hearted movie which has everything from emotions to romance to easy breezy comedy and even an underlying message. But, all in the right proportions, nothing dramatically extra! Plus, it has been supported by honest and earnest performances along with a layered writing which is brimmed with Gujrati tadka. We feel it was the right flavor of a film which we need to see in theaters if we want to take our families along as well.

Jai, played by Jackky Bhagnani, is a Gujju boy who doesn’t know what he wants to do in life so as to get settled. Bounded and scared by the pressure of his dad (Neeraj Sood), Jai tries everything from making prank videos to cooking videos so as to prove his worth. His constant failures in college exams as well in life provokes his father to get him married as soon as possible so that he becomes responsible. On the other hand, Avni played by Kritika Kamra is the total opposite of what Jai is. She is hard working, inspired, determined, feisty and has plans in life. She has a not-so-pleasant past but is unfazed. The only common thing between these two characters is that they want to prove it to their fathers that they are meant for bigger things in life and just not marriage.

In the middle of all this jazz, they bump into each other by mistake as Jai’s family enters the wrong house which belongs to Avni. These two think that they have come to see each other and tell each other everything about each other and why they are even seeing people for marriage. From Avni’s higher education dreams in Australia to her major heart-break to Jai’s fancy plans, failed jobs and relationships, they seem to connect with each other.

But they part ways amidst all the confusion and meet their respective partners to be. While Jai succumbs to the pressure and says a blind yes to a loaded family only with the condition of a whopping 1 crore dowry and the responsibility to handle his father-in-law’s business, Avni keeps saying no to many guys and maintains her plans. She then decides to offer a business plan to Jai thinking that it might change both their fortunes and solve their problems which Jai happily accepts. What follows next will keep you on hook throughout.

Coming to performances, my personal favorite has to be Kritika Kamra who has made a super impressive and contained debut delivering a master-stroke. I dont watch TV much so I was taken aback by her confidence performance as I never knew she was this good. Her eyes do all the talking which includes all emotions from anger to love to disappointment to shame which is surely a gift. She looks dreamy in all sequences without that extra vanity and plays Avni with a lot of conviction and thehraaav. Not to forget, the dialogue delivery looks very real and is delivered majestically well. Welcome to the movies, Kritika!

Jackky Bhagnani who plays Jai has only grown as an actor with each passing film. His character Jai who is a loser in life but is a superhero when he is with his wolf-pack makes us relate a lot to the character. He knows that he is good for nothing and it shows in his portrayal and eyes. Earlier, I was thinking that there is a same dull expression on his face and why is that but then I realized that it is the need of that character who has given up on everything in life and just wants to bank his future in a loaded wife. Surely, the actor carries the film forward only to massively impressing the climax. And what dancing skills!

Coming to the other supportive cast, Neeraj Sood who plays Jai’s strict & disappointed father has done wonders with his acting chops. You can see the anger and the disappointment in his eyes alone and when he gets talking, even the audience prays that he soon gets calm. Also, special mention to Pratik Gandhi who plays Jai’s close friend who is sly, of boasting nature, street smart and a quick talker is definitely worth all the praise. He will remind you of many of your friends who are saviors in your lives.

Coming to the other aspects of the movie Mitron, the music is the jaan of the film which never seems forced and is absolutely effective. From peppy dance numbers to soulful melodies, the Mitron album has it all. Effective story-telling, crisp direction and wicked dialogues make Mitron a must watch.

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