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5 Reaons Why Ghatkopar Khaugali Is Every Street Food Lover’s Dream

5 Reaons Why Ghatkopar Khaugali Is Every Street Food Lover's Dream


5 Reaons Why Ghatkopar Khaugali Is Every Street Food Lover’s Dream

To Sum UpGhatkopar Khau Gali is a famous pit stop for Mumbaikar’s which offers some delicious street food with tons of variety and not at all heavy on pocket. Khau Gali opens at around 6:00 PM in the evening and goes till 12:00 midnight and is at a walkable distance from the Ghatkopar local/ metro station. From pani puri to tandoori paneer tikka, khau gali has all types of vendors. Let’s take a look as what all you can expect if you are heading here –

We started with Pani Puri which is the most loved snack by all of us. Jai Durga Ice Cold Pani Puri is a very popular street joint at Khau Gali and the best part is that they use Bisleri water while making the chutney’s. A plate of pani puri costs INR 60.

Next was WTC’s famous Pink Sauce Pasta for INR 150. This tiny food stall offers pasta/ macroni in more than 30+ flavours and again is a very popular joint.

The famous Ashok franky was our third stop and we ordered for a Noodle Cheese Franky for INR 60 which was delicious at the price offered. This tiny stall sells more than 20+ types of frankie’s.

The chat centre at the middle of khau gali is where you will get the best Dahi/ Sev puri for INR 40 and 30 each respectively.

In the last, we saw a stall serving tandoori paneer/ babycorn and we couldn’t resist that. The paneer tikkas were fresh and grilled to perfection at a price of INR 70 and INR 60 for babycorn.

So what we are saying is that if you love street food, Ghatkopar Khau Gali is where you should make a visit and have the best street food of all times.

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