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5 Times Sridevi Gave Us Life-Lessons To Remember Her For Forever!


5 Times Sridevi Gave Us Life-Lessons To Remember Her For Forever!

The legendary Sridevi has always been a bigger part of our entire Bollywood industry. Reigning over an entire era in this industry, Sridevi was a talent to reckon with, a beauty to behold and a personality never-seen-before!

Today, on one of the most special days, we shall remember her through her movies, her eternal grace, her magnificent presence and of course, her life-lessons!

Here are those 5 characters played by the late Sridevi, that shall stay and teach us life-lessons forever:

1) English-Vinglish
In English-Vinglish, Sridevi gave us a reality check, literally! We never realized but throughout our lives we only held speaking, understanding and knowing English as the mark of literacy. But, Sridevi’s character as house-wife Shashi, definitely was the benchmark character for many lives in real. It wasn’t just relatable, it was a life-lesson.

2) ChaalBaaz
In ChaalBaaz, Sridevi played a double role. The movie itself, was a remake of Seeta Aur Geeta, but there was a life-lesson nonetheless. Sridevi’s double role reflected how women should no longer have to submit under the control of men. They’re our counterparts and not our superiors anymore.

3) MoM
In MoM, Sridevi played a role that she herself has done phenomenal justice to in reality. Mom was a movie that definitely reflected the unconditional love that only a mother is capable of feeling and showing. She is strong and weak, all for her kids.

4) Army
In Army, Sridevi played the role of a wife, who avenged the unjustified death of her husband, who was an army official. She showed the true nature of an Indian wife, showed the strength of a women in a world full of darkness and terror!

5) Mr. India
In Mr. India, Sridevi reflected the true potentiality of media and journalism. She became a pride as she showed what it means to conduct positive journalism for the sake and betterment of one’s country, even if that means risking one’s own life!

On her birthday today, we not only celebrate the ever-eternal Sridevi but also remind ourselves that she was someone we’ve always looked up to, shall keep doing so in the future as well by reliving her characters again and again! Thank you, Sridevi! For always being the best!

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