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Salman Khan Helped His Veergati Co-Star To Overcome Tuberculosis


Salman Khan Helped His Veergati Co-Star To Overcome Tuberculosis

We know that Salman Khan has heart of gold when it comes to helping people. Now, Salman Khan has done a great job once again when he helped his Veergati co-star Pooja Dadwal overcome the tuberculosis

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Pooja Dadwal, who co-starred with Salman Khan in the film Veergati released in 1995, had posted a video in the social media seeking financial help for her medical condition. When the video caught the attention of Being Human, a foundation run by Salman Khan, they immediately extended help to support the actress. When Salman Khan found out about this , he said “I just heard about this and we are trying to help as much as we can. And our team is already into it. I was not knowing about this that she was going through this phase. Yeah, I think she will be okay

Now that Pooja Dadwal has recovered, she is thankful to Salman Khan “When I was hospitalized on March 2, I thought I was going to die there – bedridden in a corner of that depressing ward. My family and friends had abandoned me. I gave up all hope after the doctors told me that my lungs were severely affected. Incessant coughing and breathlessness had left me weak. And I saw so many like me, dying all alone – their friends and family, like mine, had deserted them. But then I decided that I don’t want to end up like that. I decided to fight, to not let the disease win. Yes, one of the side-effects of tuberculosis is social rejection but I am really thankful to Salman Khan who lent me the support. From clothes to soaps, diapers, food, medicines, his foundation took care of everything. If I survived the ordeal, it is only because of him

Looks like Salman kept his promise to look after Pooja Dadwal and he did really well.

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