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Here’s A Honest-To-God Reply From Satyamev Jayate’s Veer AKA John Abraham Over Corruption & Molestation!


Here’s A Honest-To-God Reply From Satyamev Jayate’s Veer AKA John Abraham Over Corruption & Molestation!

Ever since the release of Parmanu, John Abraham has been doing back-to-back films with good content touching on grave social issues. His soon to release Satyameva Jayate will be followed by RAW: Romeo Akbar Walter and Batla House, which rolls in September. All with extraordinary content focusing on the reality of grave issues of our society and its politics.

Well, in a recent conversation with a leading daily, John Abraham gave out his strong sentiments and opinions about the safety of women in our country. The actor is very protective and stern about a women’s safety. In the light of the subject of molestation and corruption that Satyamev Jayate focusses on, here’s what John Abraham has to say about the same.

“As a proud Indian, I have the right to look at things happening in the country critically. I say this on record that India is not a safe place for women and animals. We’re one of the few countries where we disrobe a woman by just looking at her. It’s sad and getting worse. I’m scared, and this makes me question the society and the country I live in. I don’t endorse capital punishment, but I believe we need to instil the fear of death in these sick men to ensure that they don’t commit such crimes.”

While on corruption the man had some very wise words to say, “You need to operate from within your own eco-system for it to percolate outside and bring about a change. I’m very clear with my producers, accountants and my team that we must never get into a murky space and cheat anyone. Corruption is everywhere and at every point of time. I’ve been told straight that if I don’t pay bribes, I won’t survive. I don’t agree. I may not be the most morally upright person in the world, but I know if I’m honest in what I’m doing, it can make a difference. I tell youngsters that they need to have a conscience and if their parents tell them any different, they should disagree.”


Well, we totally agree to John’s wise words and sentiments. It is us, who shall have to take the wagon and light it for further change in future. The change is after all, us!

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