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Here’s A Special Mom’s Trick To Beauty Given Out By Sridevi to Janhvi Kapoor!

Janhvi Kapoor's Special Note In Dhadak For Sridevi Will Melt Your Heart!


Here’s A Special Mom’s Trick To Beauty Given Out By Sridevi to Janhvi Kapoor!

Janhvi Kapoor is a beauty to be reckoned with, taking her beautiful looks and locks from her dearest legendary mother, the late Sridevi. Janhvi really does resemble her mother in most ways from dialogue delivery to her very beautiful smile that can make one fall to their knees.

However, ever wondered what’s the secretive trick that this Dhadak actress has up her sleeve for looking radiant and glowy always?! Well, it’s not only her secret but her darling mom’s magic trick as well. Here’s what the beautiful and ever-gracious Janhvi Kapoor had to say about her mom’s best champi.

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Janhvi Kapoor shared her beauty secrets with a leading fashion magazine as she geared up for her debut red carpet appearance as an actress at a recently held awards show.

“I put a lot of food in my hair—eggs, beer, and methi. Some people also go with onion juice but methi is where I draw the line,” explained the carrier of one of the best locks ever seen!

The Kapoor girl added, “Mom used to have these secret tips and formulas to maintain good skin and good hair. She would make our hair oil at home with dried flowers and amla, and she’d make sure she gave me and Khushi (sister) and oil massage every three days. Whatever leftover we had from breakfast, we’d put on our face, like strawberries or other fruit, it’d go on us. ”

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Well, Janhvi Kapoor is surely a very relatable personality, with a graceful and elegant vibe, Janhvi still makes you feel connected to her realness. Moreover, more than any secretive tricks, it is the magic of her adorable character that has won her millions of hearts.

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