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Selena Gomez Doesn’t Care About Her Ex Justin Bieber’s Engagement With Hailey Baldwin?

Selena Gomez Doesn't Care About Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin's Engagement?


Selena Gomez Doesn’t Care About Her Ex Justin Bieber’s Engagement With Hailey Baldwin?

Selena Gomez had dated Justin Bieber for almost a decade, who is recently got engaged to the model Hailey Baldwin!

The popular American singer Justin Bieber shocked everyone when the news of his engagement with Hailey Baldwin came out. The 24 years old Justin is now going to marry 21 years old Hailey. The rumours about them dating had started back in the year 2016. And now the couple is all set to take it to the next level.

But amidst all this, how is Selena Gomez feeling? She had dated Bieber for almost a decade and now he going to marry someone else. Well, if the reports of E!Online are to be believed, then she is stunned at the news but does not care about it at all.

A source told the portal, “Selena was surprised an engagement happened this quickly but not surprised Justin would do something like this knowing who he is. At the end of the day though she doesn’t really care. Selena is totally over him. She had tried again to make it work that last time and it didn’t work out. Selena is definitely on a different path right now and in a much better place since Justin is out of the picture. Mentally, she is done with him. She isn’t focused on dating as much as she’s just really focusing on herself. She’s happy right now just spending time with her girlfriends and going to church.”

In the past, the ex-flames had tried to mend  things between them. But it didn’t work. Another source says, “Selena knows that Justin makes rash decisions, but wishes them both the best.”

Well, it seems like Selena is happy for the couple as she now has no hard feelings for Justin!

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