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MS Dhoni Nurtured Many Talents! And They Are Now A Big Name In The Sport


MS Dhoni Nurtured Many Talents! And They Are Now A Big Name In The Sport

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the only captain who has won all the trophies one can possibly win and most importantly he has won the hearts of cricket lovers all around the world. After the Biopic of Dhoni, we all know that the Dada of Indian Cricket “Saurav Ganguly” cemented MSD in the Indian squad. This decision by Dada has to be the best decision of his life, as India got its Captain Cool.



Captain Cool has inspired many wicket-keepers/batsmen of this generation, and he is the reason how Indian squad is formed right now. MS has played as a mentor and guided these players on the field to become the Big Guns in the sport:


Sir Ravidra Jadeja

Jadeja made his ODI debut in 2009. He always had the spark in him, but it took someone’s guidance to take him to the next level. Dhoni is the one responsible for the growth of Sir Jadeja.


Shikhar Dhawan #Gabbar

Shikhar was the main gun of Dhoni at Champions Trophy and World cup, and Dhawan did not disappoint his captain by being the highest run scorer for India in both the editions.

Suresh Raina 

Raina is the Best T20 Player in the world.

Dhoni was once quoted about Raina saying, “He’s the best that we have got and we need to back him. Because if we don’t back him, the new guy who comes in will say: ‘I don’t want to play shots. I’ll make 25 runs and go home not out’.”

Ravichandran Ashwin

Ashwin’s unorthodox approach was understood by Dhoni, who knew the Tamil Nadu man’s potential. He tried a lot of things with Ashwin’s bowling, including once when he encouraged him to open the bowling in the 2011 World Cup match against Australia.

Rohit Sharma #HitMan

It was Dhoni’s decision to convert Sharma, originally a middle-order batsman, into a full-fledged opener. You may well credit Sharma’s 264 against Sri Lanka and other centuries to MS Dhoni.

Virat Kohli

Dhoni’s still got Kohli’s back. In most cases, our captain is the one to bail India out with DRS referrals. Plus, it is under his guidance that Kohli flourished as a batsman. Kohli once also claimed that Dhoni had saved him from getting sacked from the Indian cricket team.



Here are the ones who are in the Indian team and wouldn’t have made it big if MSD was not backing up them. Still our Captain continues to inspire and educate young cricketers through IPL and Ranji Trophy.

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