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10 Indian Regional Dishes Which You Must Try If You Are A Non Veg Lover!


10 Indian Regional Dishes Which You Must Try If You Are A Non Veg Lover!

Indian regional dishes have a lot of variety, especially when it comes to the non-vegetarian dishes!

We Indians are foodies. We love to experiment with our food and we love to eat. Especially a food lover would definitely want to try out new dishes and new cuisines. And why go somewhere else when we already have an ample amount of Indian regional dishes to satisfy our hunger!

Also, if you are a non-veg lover, then especially the South India has got some delicious flavours for you. From chettinad curries to the different sea food, the region has got a vast variety of dishes.

So, here are 10 non-vegetarian dishes from different regions of the country which you must try:

1.       Rogan Josh: One of the most famous dishes from the region of Kashmir, Rogan Josh has been influenced by the Persian cuisine. It is made up of aromatic lamb or goat meat, and was brought in the country by the Mughals.

2.       Murg Musallam: Although the dish belongs to Kolkata, but it is authentically prepared in Awadhi style. It has chicken pieces marinated in ginger-garlic paste, and stuffed with boiled eggs. It is seasoned with lots of Indian spices like saffron, cinnamon, poppy seeds, etc.

3.       Poora Haah: Coming from the state of Assam, this dish is made up of roasted duck. It is cooked as a whole and mostly goes well with cooked rice and boiled potatoes.

4.       Kankada Jhola: If you are a sea food lover, then you will definitely love this dish. This crab masala curry is from the state of Odisha and is served best with rice. The crab is cooked in a simple gravy with Indian spices.

5.       Haleem: A stew of eat, lentils and wheat, this is one of the most popular dishes of Hyderabad. It is quite famous in the month of Ramadan especially when it is easily available as a street food too.

6.       Chicken Chettinad: A spicy curry recipe from the city of Chennai, Chicken Chettinad belongs to the Chettinad cuisine. Chicken marinated in a paste of spices is cooked in a spicy gravy.

7.       Bommidayila Pulusu: Again a very delicious sea food, Bommidayila Pulusu is a fish recipe. Being a traditional dish of the state of Andhra Pradesh, it uses a lot of spices, which gives it a very tangy and sour taste.

8.       Kori Gassi: Extremely spicy in taste, this chicken curry recipe comes from the state of Karnataka. The use of red chilli is so much that it gives the red colour to the gravy. It is also called as the Mangalorean Chicken Curry.

9.       Chicken Vindaloo: This dish originated in Goa, but also has a Portuguese and a British influence. The chicken is cooked in garlic and palm vinegar. Sometimes the same recipe is used with pork and beef.

10.   Fish Molee: As the dish comes from Kerala, the use of coconut becomes a must. It is a fish stew cooked in coconut milk where it is not kept too spicy. Hence, the flavour of the fish is more than the stew.

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