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The Winner Of FIFA Golden Boot Is Ready To Bring It Home!


The Winner Of FIFA Golden Boot Is Ready To Bring It Home!

FIFA World Cup Russia is on its pre penultimate stage. Now the mightiest of all will be playing their next matches like its their final one to bring the most prestigious trophy in the world of sports to their country. The odds of a country winning the FIFA  world cup for the first time are 1/2, and to stop this from happening the earlier crowned champions Brazil, France, England and Uruguay are standing in the way of Croatia, Belgium, Russia and Sweden.

Though nothing in this world cup is happening according to the odds, which were made at the start of the world cup. That makes serious chance for all the goal scorers to score and bring the trophy and the golden boot to their country.

The odds for Golden Boot at the start of the world cup were like this-

Its just sad to see the two GOATs to go back home after the last 16, but to keep up with the feeling for the game; we now have future super stars on the world stage who are all set to start their legacy.

Kylian Mbappe being the only second teenager after the Great Pele to score 2 goals at the world cup finals. Neymar and Coutinho are set to win the world cup after their disastrous exit that happened 4 years ago, but Harry Kane and England team are all set as they believe that  IT’S COMING HOME.

The contenders for Golden Boot are-


Harry Kane                – 6 Goals and 0 Assists


Romelu Lukaku        – 4 Goals and 0 Assists


Artem Dzyuba            -3 Goals and 1 Assist


Denis Chersyshev      -3 Goals and 0 Assists


Kylian Mbappe          – 3 Goals and 0 Assists


The quarter final round is sure to unveil whether IT’S COMING HOME OR NOT!

Tell us who will win the golden boot according to you in the comment section.


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