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Birthday Special : Ranveer Singh Would Have KILLED It If He Had Played These Characters


Birthday Special : Ranveer Singh Would Have KILLED It If He Had Played These Characters

Ranveer Singh is known for his method-acting and has gained a lot of appreciation from critics for his movies like Padmaavat and Bajirao Mastani. The Ram Leela actor gets into the skin of the character which he plays which makes him look so good on the screen as it gives goosebumps to the people watching him in the theater and sheer joy to all the cinema lovers.

On his birthday, we tell you about those iconic 6 characters from various legendary and cult-classics of Hollywood that would have been totally killed by the energetic & zany Ranveer Singh.




#6 Lou Bloom

Ranveer would do total justice with the character who is a evil doer after-all he is our original Khilji. Louis is a petty thief who takes a job as a “Nightcrawler”, a journalist who illegally investigates crimes and soon becomes obsessed with starring in his own story. A total fit for Mr Singh!

#5 James Bond – Pierce Brosnan

The Lootera actor would wash away everyone if he stars in a Bond movie and we feel he will totally own the Bond avatar. Ranveer would be a heartthrob in  an Aston Martin 007 edition and there will be no stopping for him. Uff, we can’t help but imagine him swooning to the James Bind melody and saying the dialogue, ‘Bond, James Bond!’.

#4 Rocky Balboa

Ranveer has already shown us how tough he is in Gunday and he has the well-sculptured hot bod. Hee would look so aesthetic when will be killing it in training sessions of Rocky and would smash it out of the floor if he is casted as the iconic Rocky.

#3 Indiana Jones

Is there anything hotter than a professor-archaeologist who goes on to dig in mountains for missions and research work?! The various layers in this complex character is what we think is made for Ranveer. Remember Lootera?

2 Captain Jack Sparrow

Just imagine! If Ranveer becomes the badass captain of the pirates, it will be a delight to see him hovering around the ship with those crooked teeth and evil smile.

Ranveer will for sure dominate the screen if he plays the character of Jack Sparrow and this is undebatable.

#1 The Joker

Well, this character is immortal and iconic. Joker is unarguably the most loved villain of the DC universe which was played by the the stellar actor Heath Ledger. And if one of the most loved actors of Bollywood plays the same role, it will be something for which everyone will spend heavy money.




These are the 6 characters that we thought keeping in mind about Ranveer, tell us in the comments below about what all characters would you like to see Ranveer act in!

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