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10 Movies That Made Place In The Hearts of Audience,But Not In The 100Cr Club


10 Movies That Made Place In The Hearts of Audience,But Not In The 100Cr Club

100 Cr club is no criteria to decide that a movie is good or bad. In 2018 many movies did well on box office and also the number of movies that made the audience and critics appreciate Indian cinema are in good number.Here are 10 movies that deserved better Box office collection than it got.



On a scorching May afternoon, an American spy, while sitting at an urbane cafe in Jaisalmer, advises his bosses to be careful about some suspicious activities near the nuclear site in Pokhran. He begs to be taken seriously, but the in-charge back home is very confident of the state-of-the-art Lacrosse satellites America uses for surveillance. He believes technology more than the intuition of the on-field agent. It turns out to be one of the biggest intelligence failures in the history of the CIA.

The first draft of India’s nuclear bomb explosion was written in the year 1995, but a tactical mistake leaked the information to the west, and the plan was abandoned under severe diplomatic pressure.



Dan a student of hotel management is an intern at a top hotel in Delhi along with his batch mates. An incident occurs at the hotel where one of his colleagues Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), lands up at the hospital. This affects Dan far deeply than he ever imagined, and thereon, he embarks on an emotional journey where he seeks answers and love in the strangest of circumstances


Bhavesh Joshi Superhero


Be it Krrish or A Flying Jatt, a strong sense of personal loss has never been the hallmark of the Hindi superhero films. They never came out of the shadow of their western counterparts. Their villains were caricatures and their crusades were designed to mostly impress children, their core viewers. On that account, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero is indeed the right step in terms of a mature presentation and setting the agenda right.



Beyond The Clouds

Beyond The Clouds has some of the restraint and delicateness of Majidi’s acclaimed Iranian films as well as the contrivance and melodrama typical of popular Hindi cinema. The Mumbai-set plot is creaky and improbable, the dialogue stilted and bereft of local flavor, and the emphasis on redemption naive. Ishaan Khatter shows choose to be this movie as his debut and he made a right choice.



102 not out


Umesh Shukla’s 102 Not Out is about a man of that age who wants to stay alive longer. He basically wants to break the world record for staying at the crease for the maximum amount of time. “I’m strictly opposed to dying,” he says at one point. 




That this is an anti-fairy tale we know because the tagline tells us so. But Pari, which styles itself as a supernatural horror flick, takes the burden of its song very seriously indeed: right from the beginning, and in almost every frame subsequently, there is darkness, evil, blood, Satanists, satanic verses, bruised women in chains and men with hacksaws. It’s all drummed in. That’s your supernatural part.



3 Storeys

In the chawl drama, that fast diminishing sub-category of the Mumbai-set film, neighbours know your thoughts before you do and bad news spreads faster than a rumour about a celebrity death. Arjun Mukerjee’s directorial debut unearths a chawl whose residents have managed to keep secrets from their family members and the discreet folks down the corridor




A lonely man sitting way past office hours, not for work, but to play Pacman; going back home late to stare (Norman Bates like) at his sleeping wife from a peeping hole in the wall than be near her; warming up the dinner in the microwave and eating all alone. The lack of communication between the couple, more so the alarming routine and Irrfan Khan’s subtle formulation and expression of it set the ball rolling for a film that actually goes at an entirely different tangent just a few minutes later.






The film is a sharp social commentary on the multiple battles (literal and metaphorical) that Shravan , a common man who dares to have a spine, must fight on a daily basis for deserving to be treated with dignity and fulfill his ambition of becoming Uttar Pradesh ka Mike Tyson. 





Hichki isn’t only about an individual’s struggle to wrest and secure her rightful place in the world. Its spotlight is also on a lopsided and complacent education system that allows no leeway to those born on the wrong side of the tracks – in this case, on the wrong side of a highway and a gutter that runs alongside it.

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