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Thoughts In Ranbir Kapoor’s Mind Before Signing A New Movie


Thoughts In Ranbir Kapoor’s Mind Before Signing A New Movie

Ranbir Kapoor is back with a bang as he stars in Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial  “Sanju” making it as his biggest opener at Box Office. Sanju is a Biopic done by Ranbir, and damn he has totally nailed the character of Sanjay Dutt making the audience look at the character as Baba and not as Ranbir, which shows the true class of Ranbir as an actor.

In “Sanju” Ranbir and his team have done an outstanding work on ‘costumes and make up’ , in making Ranbir look like Sanjay Dutt, starting from his Bollywood debut to how he looks like now.It is clearly visible that how much hard work Ranbir has done on his own body and giving it all for the character,and how  his production team has done tremendous work in ‘costumes and make up’ to make him look like real Sanju. And apart from costumes, the locations at which the movie has been shot are looking breathtakingly  aesthetic, from the mountains where the song “Kar Har Maidaan Fatheh”has been shot which showcases the time where Sanju was on the streets being homeless in abroad and sleeping on the bench.



So now after the release of Sanju it is safe to say that all Ranbir movies  are a full package, with three fundamental things in them and those are-





Ranbir has played some interesting characters in his one decade long career in Bollywood, and for all of the characters he has worn some aesthetic costumes to make the character look relate-able and real, like being a Sikh and wearing turban in “Rocket Singh” To being a POP STAR in ” Rockstar” and also wearing elegant clothes for his role in for  “Barfi”, ‘ Besharam” and in “Raajneeti”. And apart from showing Bollywood audience his acting and costumes, Ranbir never fails to shown never seen before authentic locations like  Corsica in “Tamasha” to Prague in “Rockstar” as he is making the Bollywood fans know about all the places that are a must visit in the world and also in India as he has shown the location of “Manali” in YJHD as he played the character of travel  journalist and he has shown the beauty of small hill station of Darjeeling in “Barfi”. Ranbir makes sure to go and shoot at such a location that will make the viewer go all Awe in the theater.


This concludes that before singing a movie Ranbir and his team make sure to go through the script to get to know all about the character to get into his skin and make sure to wear good costumes on that skin, and his team and the online travel brand that he endorses make sure that he gets the opportunity to show Bollywood some never seen before locations.

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