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Honest Race 3 Review : Reasons Why Race 3 Doesn’t Passes Off As A Race Franchise Film

Honest Race 3 Review : Reasons Why Race 3 Doesn't Passes Off As A Race Franchise Film


Honest Race 3 Review : Reasons Why Race 3 Doesn’t Passes Off As A Race Franchise Film

Director: Remo Dsouza

Cast: Anil KapoorSalman KhanBobby DeolJacqueline FernandezSaqib Saleem and Daisy Shah

Rating: 1.5


We were highly anticipated with Race 3 being Salman Khan fans and not to forget, fans of the high on style, action and thrill Race franchise. What we saw was totally not up to the point and we were left a tad bit disappointed. First of all, we missed the director duo Abbas-Mustan the most who have always given us the best thrillers of Bollywood till now. Secondly, we thoroughly missed Saif Ali Khan who’s name was synonymous with Race 3. A poor story-line, average performances, senseless dialogues, below average music and weak content make Race 3 a dull watch. Most importantly, except from the high-octane action stunts and the luxurious super-cars, Race 3 looks like a totally different film and looks alienated to the concept of the Race franchise. Here is why…


Expectations Vs Reality : We expected a start to end thriller which will be high on action, stunts, thrill as well as suspense but alas, we couldn’t find anything. The movie started with every actor’s introductory shots which were high on all things high-octane action and we got a lot many expectations. Though we kept finding the same till the very end but couldn’t find anything. The poor writing and dialogues like ‘Mere Baap Ne Mar Kar Koyi Naya Kaam Nahi Kiya Hai’ and ‘Dil Nahi Dell Khol Ke Dekho‘ add to the disappointment.


Plot No More? The film which is based on a plot about hatred and family oriented betrayal stories could have been excellent in making a sharp and intelligent script but sadly, we just couldn’t stop comparing it to Race which kept us at the hook of our seats and kept asking for more. The climax scene of Race was totally unexpected and that is why it was an apt thriller which Race 3 lacks.


Average Performances : We expected so much from the credible actor which Saqib is and were looking forward to Daisy post her intro scene but other than saying ‘Hey Braaah’, they don’t add much. A scene in which they start crying towards the end where they see a clip of their deceased mother revealing that Sikander (Salman Khan) is their blood brother looks totally plastic. Apart from Anil’s hilarious and witty act, no one really shines. We loved Bobby throughout but there was no stellar performance. Same goes for Salman and Jacqueline has only added glamour and giggles in the film. Sigh!


Poor Music : We can still get a party going all night if we play the soulful songs as well as foot-tapping dance numbers from Race and Race 2 without any qualms. On the other hand, the music of Race 3 is thoroughly disappointing and won’t make it to our playlists.


The Abbas Mustan And Saif Factor : We really missed you guys. No wonder the essence of the film-franchise was lost. Even the fight-scenes looked overtly dramatically choreographed and they don’t grab the attention the makers expected from the audiences. The plot was predictable and that is what has never happened till nos every-time we have watched a film from the franchise. The suave style which Saif has added in the past will not be seen here and it is actually sad.


What do you think about the film Race 3. Comment if you agree and let us know in the comment-section below.





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