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Exclusive Video : Never Have I Ever With The Sanam Band

Exclusive Video : Never Have I Ever With The Sanam Band


Exclusive Video : Never Have I Ever With The Sanam Band

The Sanam band recently crossed 4 million subscribers on YouTube and it was one rare feat which they achieved in such a short span. The band which includes four members namely Sanam Puri (lead vocals), Samar Puri (lead guitar), Venky S or Venkat Subramaniyam (bass guitar) and Keshav Dhanraj (Drums) have been giving us soulful tracks and covers by retaining the old world charm yet keeping the ‘IT’ factor alive with their spunk and variety. We met the four rock-stars recently and played a little fun game with them which they took up in the best spirit and gave us answers which will really blow up your mind. Have you ever thought about what the members of the SANAM band have done in their life or not? Or have gone out of the box to imagine what their lifestyle has been? Playing Never Have I Ever with anyone is always fun but it adds a lot of fun when it is with the extremely talented and the super famous Sanam band. We decided to play the same game with them and did not spare them with any question which came in our wildest thoughts. From asking them about whether they have ever drunk-dialledThey decided to tell and bare all in this Never Have I Ever interview which is high on fire and quirk. Watch it here…



Wasn’t this absolutely intriguing and revealed all what we wanted to know ever about this ? These four guys were such a sport and we were totally entertained by them. How did you like the video? Please let us know in the comment-section below.


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