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5 Reasons Why Every Guy Has A Crush On Disha Patani!


5 Reasons Why Every Guy Has A Crush On Disha Patani!

It’s a happy day as we celebrate Disha Patani’s 26th b’day today, who is the nation’s crush!

We all remember that ‘absolutely beautiful’ girl, who was part of the Dairy Milk Cadbury Advertisement. Moreover, it was that exact moment tat Disha Patani had unknowingly made her own space within our hearts. However, Disha made her debut with the Telugu film Loafer (2015), opposite Varun Tej, and followed it with the Hindi sports film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016), starring Sushant Singh Rajput. Well, the latter definitely got her the tag of being the national crush!

Although, ever wondered why the ‘Baaghi 2’ actress suddenly became the most popular, stylish as well as the Nation’s Crush?! Well, here are five reasons why:

1) Disha’s Magnetic Eyes:
Disha Patani can take you over the moon with just one look into her eyes. Beware! For you shall very well be lost within them.

2) Disha’s Cutesy Expressions:
If you’ve seen the whole Cadbury Advertisement, in which Disha was casted, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about!

3) Disha’s Fit & Sexy Figure:
Disha Patani’s find mantra has gifted her with a beautiful figure, that to-be-honest I’m absolutely envious off! But this definitely gives us an idea about why no one can resist looking at her twice!

4) The Fab Smile:
How can we forget that one thing that almost never goes amiss, especially in Disha’s case. The Baaghi 2 actor has one of the most beautiful smiles ever seen. Whenever, she smiles it feels like the stars are twinkling!

5) The Awesome Dance:
We definitely can’t get over her dancing skills, she has the talent to match up with the Dance Machine, Tiger Shroff, after all! That’s saying something!!

This list of all things that make Disha Patani the nation’s crush might be small but it’s definitely all true and perfect! No wonder, just looking at her makes one’s heart go fast. Meanwhile, a very happy birthday to Disha Patani and we wish that she keeps smiling and radiating happiness through her movies!

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