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‘I Knew Nothing About Sunny Leone As I Don’t Follow Bollywood’ : Rysa Saujani

'I Knew Nothing About Sunny Leone As I Don't Follow Bollywood' : Rysa Saujani


‘I Knew Nothing About Sunny Leone As I Don’t Follow Bollywood’ : Rysa Saujani

Rysa Saujani is all set to play the young Sunny Leone in an upcoming documentary which covers all the aftermath of Leone’s colorful life & incidents. The budding actress definitely regrads this role as her most important till now and it comes to our surprise that she had no clue about who Leone was. Here are a few insights from her latest interview. Read on…
Why a web series after a commercial film?
My passion is acting and I want to experience all sorts of roles irrespective of the platform. I want to play roles that have a strong character presence. I don’t want to be stereotyped in one particular category of roles but instead I want to explore my ability and try all kinds of characters.
How was your reaction when you were offered the role? 
When I was offered the role of young Sunny Leone I didn’t know who she was or her past, but as soon as we read through the entire script to understand her journey and story better, We realized that it was going to be an extremely emotionally challenging part to play but that made me even more excited as those are the kind of roles that interested me the most.
How much did you know about Sunny Leone when the role was offered?
Honestly speaking absolutely nothing as we don’t really follow Bollywood.
How did you prepare for the role?
Lots of preparation went into this role. This project was an internationally demanding shoot and in order to be prepared before arriving on the set I did regular Skype calls with the Assistant Directors which helped me to fully understand Young Sunny’s journey. Our rehearsals were done daily and for hours with the Assistant Directors who really helped and supported me throughout.This was 100% a team effort and wouldn’t be possible without the entire crew. Especially the director, Mr Aditya Datt and the writer, Mr Karan Sharma, who provided me with additional insight on the character and role I was playing and answered any of my questions. During the filming of this web series, we all actually became a family unit on and off set as we spent so much time together. I felt very comfortable with Mrs. Grusha Singh and Mr. Bijay Anand who played my parents on screen and that comfort factor helped me greatly on the set. I have appreciated their love, care and support to me in playing this part.
What did you learn from this experience?
Within my house we have a belief, which is that you never judge a book by its cover, and meeting / working with Sunny has strengthened that belief completely. I or nobody has the right to make a judgement on another person, as we will never understand the reasons behind certain decisions and what has compelled them to follow certain paths. At the end of the day it’s their lives and they can choose to live it how they please. Even at home I have complete liberty to make my own decisions and its perfectly okay to fail. I have also learned that one should always be themselves and not let other peoples opinions define them. You should never try to copy or imitate someone else but instead be true to yourself.
Well, we can’t wait to see the documentary now as we would love to know all about Leone’s struggle and her initial days. Who wouldn’t?

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