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Here’s Why Swara Bhasker’s Masturbation Scene In Veere Di Wedding Deserves Applauds Not Trolls!

Here's Why Swara Bhasker's Masturbation Scene In Veere Di Wedding Deserves Applauds Not Trolls!


Here’s Why Swara Bhasker’s Masturbation Scene In Veere Di Wedding Deserves Applauds Not Trolls!

It is path-breaking! Period.

For all those who have already seen Veere Di Wedding since it released, they know where we’re going. The much talked about masturbation scene which features Swara Bhasker in the film is has been mercilessly trolled and we feel that it must stop right now. It shows the hypocrisy of the regressive Indian society which has different standards set for Indian men and women. If a man uses the ‘Apana Haath Jagannaath‘ phrase, it’s considered funny and wacky but when the same line was used by Swara’s character in VDW, it got the headlines like ‘Oh, Shocking’ or ‘Downright Controversial!’. Sad right?

In the week gone by, countless trollers who even cant spell ‘masturbation’ correctly have went on to send hate-tweets to Swara and the makers of VDW which just shows the mentality of people living in the country. A masturbation scene which was shot in a ‘private’ room in her own room must not be sensationalized in any way because let’s face it, it happens in real life. There are countless women and girls in our country who have a depressing sex-life or basically, have zero sex-life and what follows next is exactly what was shown in the film so why the trolling?

Following the merciless trolls, Swara, as always fired away and gave it back to the tweets saying, “Yes, I did anticipate the hate that has come my way but I don’t think you should care about that as an actor and an artiste. I don’t think you should care about what the (audience) reaction would be while performing as it is distractive, unhelpful and creates a fear that doesn’t help in the performance anyway.”

“Our society is very hypocritical when it comes to standards for men and women. It is completely okay for men to do whatever they want. You can show men doing anything on screen. But for women, it becomes ‘oh bold’, ‘oh controversial’, ‘oh shocking.’ So, I knew I would be trolled,” continued Swara.

We totally stand by Swara and agree to her as it is completely logic-less to slut shame actors who are playing a character who is either having sex or showing nudity on masturbating onscreen. It is their job and you always have the choice of NOT watching it. The narrow-minded scenario of the society must change as the world has moved on and pays attention to serious matters and not these trivial things.

There are sex-deprived married lives and it is the bitter truth. When scenes like vulgar dance moves, obscure thrusts and complete zooming in takes on women and their body parts caters to the men’s eyes, it is okay but as soon as it gets to talking about what women’s prospective is about, it gets judged instantaneously. It is difficult to comprehend that why there is a shallow and regressive judgement over any scene or topic where a girl’s desires are shown. A movie which shows the sexual desires or expressions of desires is often judged and it is downright a basic wrong.

We wonder where were these trollers lost and what were they doing when movies like Masti, Kya Kool Hai Hum etc were released and became hits as well?! Nevertheless, we are with you Swara and we hope you keep doing what you are doing in the same way. More power to you!

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