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Here’s Why Mark Rutte Has Suddenly Become The Perfect Example For All Politicians Out There!


Here’s Why Mark Rutte Has Suddenly Become The Perfect Example For All Politicians Out There!

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has set an example that we suggest all to follow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a politician or not, sometimes cleaning up your own mess is better than just relying on others to do the same for you!

Well, at least that’s what Mark Rutte has proved as the humble and self-independent politician cleans up an accidental coffee spill, while on the way to work!

A viral video of Dutch PM Mark Rutte, spilling his coffee while entering the Parliament, has spread across the net space. However, the reaction to the whole incident is what has left everyone surprised.

Here’s why Mark Rutte has suddenly become the perfect example, set for all politicians out there! Watch video:

When Dutch PM Mark Rutte was entering the premises of his office, he accidentally spilled coffee while swiping in his entry card. However, rather than being irritated for a spilled coffee and just being indifferent altogether, Mark Rutte nonchalantly took the mop and started cleaning the mess, himself!

Considering the reactions and actions of our ministers and politicians across the world, Mark Rutte has definitely come as a surprise to us all. He sets an example on humility and responsibility for other ministers out there, sitting on the power hierarchy. Also, not to mention but it’s pretty evident from the reaction of the staff that they absolutely love him, just not because he is their P.M., but also because he’s a genuinely nice person.

Meanwhile, this awesome act from Mark Rutte took a lot of people by surprise and made them give out several reactions on the same, here are some of those Twitteratti reactions:

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