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Mowgli Trailer: Andy Serkis Brings Back The Jungle Book In The Most Unique Avatar!


Mowgli Trailer: Andy Serkis Brings Back The Jungle Book In The Most Unique Avatar!

The trailer of the film Mowgli, based on novel The Jungle Book has been released!

All of us have some very fond memories from our childhood when it comes to The Jungle Book. If not we have read the novel, we must have watched the animated series, which used to be a favourite of the kid of the 90s. We have watched the same story in different forms. And now Andry Serkis has brought it back in the most unique avatar. The trailer of his film Mowgli has been released, which will make you nostalgic of the old times.

Mowgli retells the story of that little guy brought up in a jungle amongst the wild animals. But it has never been told in this way before. The film seems to be simply a visual treat. While it will surely take you back to the old times with the same story, it will also take you on an adventure trip as it has been shot in the most appealing way.

Rohan Chand plays the role of Mowgli in the film while the Andy Serkis lends his voice for the animated character of the bear named Baloo. Also, Christian Bale has given his voice for the panther named Bagheera and Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be heard as the villain tiger named Shere Khan.

Earlier in 2016 as well, a film with the same name as Rudyard Kipling’s novel was made by Jon Favreau. It was very well received by the audience. Let’s see how people react to this retelling of the same story!

Mowgli is slated to hit the theatres worldwide on October 19, this year.

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