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Inder Kumar’s Wife Pallavi Kumar Reveals The Truth Behind Her Husband’s Viral Suicide Video!


Inder Kumar’s Wife Pallavi Kumar Reveals The Truth Behind Her Husband’s Viral Suicide Video!

A few days back a video had gone viral on social media which was said to be recorded by Inder Kumar before he committed suicide!

We had shown you all the video suicide video of the late actor Inder Kumar that had gone viral on social media. It was being said that the video was recorded by the actor himself before he had committed suicide. But there were many others who had questioned its authenticity.

Now the wife of the late actor, Pallavi Kumar has revealed the truth behind the viral video. In a press conference, she has revealed that the video is actually a part of an upcoming film Phati Padi Hai Yaar. And Inder was the actor in the film.

When questioned if the video was leaked for publicity, she told Times Of India, “I’m still fighting Inder’s case in court. Why would I do something like this for publicity, and make things difficult for me? I want to clear Inder’s name in the rape case and so, I have filed a petition in court. When someone is accused of rape, it’s not just that person, but his entire family that gets affected.”

Pallavi added on further saying, “Tomorrow when my daughter Svanaa looks up her father’s name online, what will she get to read? That he was a rapist! I am going to fight this out. I want the world to know that he wasn’t a rapist. About the film clip which has been leaked, we will file a complaint with Western India Film Producers’ Association and try to find out who has done it.”

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