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‘Bollywood Can’t Be Labelled Just As A Genre In Hollywood’ : Priyanka Chopra

'Bollywood Can't Be Labelled Just As A Genre In Hollywood' : Priyanka Chopra


‘Bollywood Can’t Be Labelled Just As A Genre In Hollywood’ : Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one woman who speaks her mind always. Recently, at the Late Nights With Seth Meyers show, she broke many stereotypes about the Bollywood film industry which prevail in Hollywood. The Quantico star who is at a promotion spree of her hit TV show has been making appearances on many popular talk shows and the latest one was with Seth. At the show, the vivacious star went on to speak her heart about how Bollywood is perceived in Hollywood and it is not the way it should be. Read on…

 Sharing her verdict on Bollywood’s stereotyping, PC said, “I mean I don’t really think I realized that when I was in India working in Hindi films that Bollywood has been reduced to a genre. Which actually it is not. It is an entire industry with movies which is action, drama. It’s like Hollywood, but Bollywood is not even a place. Hollywood is a real place,” said the actress in the interview.

 Recalling about how once she came across the phenomenon of Bollywood cinema being called as a flavor of popcorn called Bollywood flavored popcorn, she busted out saying, “How do you put a flavor to an entire industry? What would Hollywood’s flavor be? Like cheese burger?” for which the host was quick and witty enough to add, “No, it would be gluten free.”

Priyanka also spoke on length about her role in the third season of Quantivo and working with her mother who is now her business partner as well. Catch a glimpse of the interview here…


More power to you our Desi Girl!

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