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Kapil Sharma Slams Legal Notice Against A Journalist Seeking Apology And 100 Crores Against Damages


Kapil Sharma Slams Legal Notice Against A Journalist Seeking Apology And 100 Crores Against Damages

Nothing has been right in Kapil Sharma’s life off lately. From his depression articles to stories of him having drinking problems and his Twitter account being hacked, it has been the lowest phase for the famous TV comedian in the last one year. He has also lost his cool on Twitter many times tweeting abusive tweets and has been in the news for all the reasons no one would like to have in their lives. Annoyed by the repetitive defamatory articles on him which were written by a journo of a leading website, Sharma has sent a legal notice to the website and the journalist demanding a public apology and an amount of Rs 100 crore against all the defamatory articles on him.

As per his lawyer, Vicky Lalwani from Spotboye has published “false, malicious, fraudulent articles” against him which caused a lot of damage on his public image. Talking about the whole issue, Tanveer Nizam who happens to be Sharma’s lawyer said,  “In view of the articles by Lalwani on Spotboye to willfully defame my client, we have sent them a legal notice to publicly apologies within seven days failing which we will institute civil and criminal proceedings against both.”

The damages are claimed to “to the tune of Rs One Hundred Crore to be deposited in National Defense Fund” and an unconditional public apology has also been demanded withing 7 days of receiving the notice.


“My client states that you have in close nexus with his earlier managers/associates Ms. Neeti and Ms. Preeti Simoes and have maliciously and in collusion and connivance with them and also in furtherance of a common intention to defame and tarnish the reputation of my client. This information was spread with a design to defame my client and malign his image in the eyes of his fans, industry and public at large,” read the notice.

Sharma, who is currently in news for his ailing health, also abused the journalist in a series of tweets after a heated telephonic conversation which got leaked.

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