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Hey Varun Dhawan, This Is What You Do To Us Fans Everyday!


Hey Varun Dhawan, This Is What You Do To Us Fans Everyday!

Varun Dhawan, you have literally swayed us away with your charm on screen, your acting game on point and that star power you hold in yourself, we are loving you a little more each passing day.

When you post your Insta stories, you have no idea how our hearts dance in joy. Every morning our feed is lit with your smile. We are the Varuniacs and VD fans, we love you for your happy go lucky persona and the positive vibe you gift us with your presence in person, on screen or virtually.

While we cannot count on fingers how many reasons are there to love you Varun but honestly infinite is not even a number, our love is unconditional.

Hold on to your happiness Varun Dhawan, we as fans want to see you being happy as a person and an actor. Live your dreams and do the roles that you choose to do. We have faith in your choices and our support for you is beyond just your screen personality.

We have grown to love the person you are. Your quirky behavior or your workout on sets or simply pulling your friend’s leg, we enjoy every part of your life that you choose to share with us.

We love how you share your thoughts on small things and make us believe in goodness. We love how you own up your mistakes, apologize and tell us that not every star is perfect but there’s always a scope of perfection with flaws.

With you’re unmatched comic timing, your beautiful performances in movies and your realness as Varun Dhawan, we want to embrace you forever and etch you in our hearts safely.

We love you, Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan. May you achieve more and be happy the way you are.

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