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Varun Dhawan Follows Shah Rukh Khan’s Footsteps And Does This Awesome Thing!


Varun Dhawan Follows Shah Rukh Khan’s Footsteps And Does This Awesome Thing!

Varun Dhawan is following the route of Bollywood King Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s idea of putting forth his female costar’s names before his own in his movie.

This new uptake has started out from his recent release, Shoojit Sircar’s October.

It was originally started by Shah Rukh Khan as King Khan had decided, to make it a norm to have his female costar’s names feature before his own in the opening sequence of the film. Now, Varun Dhawan is following this norms as well, by featuring his female co-stars’ names before his own, in the opening sequence of October.

Moreover, Varun Dhawan’s name not only comes forth after Banita Sandhu but rather after Gitanjali Rao’s name, who plays the mother of Banita Sandhu in October. Well, that’s the true mark of a gentleman, after all, he is following someone very charming to the point of no-fault!

Talking about the same, Varun Dhawan said that it just ‘felt right’to do so. “It is just something I felt was right. Banita plays Shiuli, the character around whom the film revolves. And, Gitanjali as her mother deserves just as much prominence. They are the stars of the film. The other stars of October are screenwriter Juhi Chaturvedi and director Shoojit Sircar. If I had my way I’d have placed my name after theirs, too, in the credits. They’re the real stars of October,” Varun was quoted as saying to a leading daily.

The actor also states that this is not merely a token gesture. “I do respond to all that is happening in the country, especially atrocities against women and children, which are intolerable to me and should be for any conscientious Indian. I speak out about issues on Twitter. But, I don’t think that’s enough. I do other things to express my solidarity with the campaign to protect women and children. But, I don’t like to talk about these things.”

Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan along with several other Bollywood celebs has taken a firm stand against the bone-chilling rape and murder case of an 8-yr old girl in Kathua, Jammu, and Kashmir. There are no more words to respond to such an act of inhumanity, it is shameful and reflects our ‘sorry’ state!

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