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Rajiev Dhingra On His Friend Kapil Sharma: He Is On Heavy Medication For Depression


Rajiev Dhingra On His Friend Kapil Sharma: He Is On Heavy Medication For Depression

Rajiev Dhingra was the director of Kapil Sharma’s second film Firangi.

Kapil Sharma and Rajiev Dhingra have been very close friends. The latter has been a creative partner in Kapil’s show and was also the director of the comedian’s second film Firangi. While Sugandha Mishra had indirectly attacked Dhingra for Kapil’s mental health, he sounds all worried for the comedian.

He has been quoted by Bollywood Hungama saying, “He is in his own world. I’ve tried reaching out to him. I am extremely worried but I don’t know what to do. In fact, I was out of town when that whole thing with that journalist happened. But he was with other friends, and not really in the mood to talk. So I left.”

When asked about Kapil’s show and health, he said, “Yes, Kapil is on heavy medication for depression. His health is of primary concern for me. At this point of time I don’t care about whether his show is on air or not. He has to get well first. And for this to happen, people who have brought him to this mental condition must stop bothering him.”

Is this an indirect jibe at Kapil’s former managers Preeti and Neeti Simoes? “They know who they are. Kapil is still an innocent small-town boy. There are people in this business who exploited his innocence for their gains. Even now when he’s suffering so much they are hounding him with their unwanted attention, trying to play on his guilt so that he would take them back in his life,” says Dhingra.

Talking about people blaming Kapil’s current girlfriend Ginni Chatrath for everything, Rajiev said, “She’s the best thing that has happened to him. Before he damages his life and career even more he needs to settle down.”

Well, we just hope that Kapil gets well soon!

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