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Koena Mitra Reacts Angrily Over Sonam Kapoor’s Tweet On Kathua Rape Case!


Koena Mitra Reacts Angrily Over Sonam Kapoor’s Tweet On Kathua Rape Case!

Koena Mitra reacts strongly to Sonam Kapoor’s stand on Twitter over the Kathua Asifa Gangrape case.

We are all shocked to the core of our hearts from the rape case of an 8-year-old girl in Kathua, as it’s gripped the whole nation in its clutches of inhumanity and injustice.

Bollywood industry has the most influential hold over not just the city but the entire nation. Therefore the industry has come forward to stand for Asifa and expressed their anger against the aforementioned case. Sonam Kapoor is also one of them.

Although it seems that Koena Mitra was pretty miffed about the whole situation, the sudden outrage, and anger for just one single case of rape. Her opinion states that this case is the only one that is being highlighted in the country by the people and not those other several cases which are of the similar crimes.

While many celebrities stood for the 8-year-old girl from Kathua, Koena Mitra chose to lash out at Sonam Kapoor in her tweet as well as blasted her with some point-to-point questions.

Koena’s tweet read, “Any comments @sonamakapoor?  You condemned a heinous crime(I appreciate) but gave it a communal twist “Fake Hindus”. Kindly do the same for all . How can you blame an entire religion for this Rape. These victims are ours too! 👇 #justiceForAll 😊 (sic).”

Koena Mitra appreciates the thought and the effort from everyone, as well as Sonam Kapoor standing against such heinous crime, but not with the singularity of this one particular case.

She questions why it is only about one case that is also being twisted by communal factors. Koena Mitra even mentions other rape cases which happened recently, although it didn’t get that much coverage from the media or the film industry.

Other than that, Koena demands justice for all, as well as for the little 8-year old girl from Kathua. Now, we’ve got to see what Sonam Kapoor has to say for this!

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