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Here’s Why Sonakshi Sinha Is Our Girl Crush And We Just Can’t Get Enough Of Her!


Here’s Why Sonakshi Sinha Is Our Girl Crush And We Just Can’t Get Enough Of Her!

When I think about the deadly combination of bold, beautiful and believable the one who comes to my mind is Sonakshi Sinha. The bubbly yet fiery Sonakshi Sinha, who can make your heart beat fast with just her smile as well as burn you to the ground with just her words.

Well, here’s why Sonakshi Sinha is definitely our woman crush and we just can’t get enough of her!

We all know that Sonakshi is quite a good actor but now, she is also a cool rapper and singer! Like if that’s not wowww, IDK what is!

There’s a reason why she is so fitting in the Bollywood industry, Sonakshi Sinha is an entire package of entertainment! From iconic dialogues to super dancer to good performances, she has done it all.

#SundaySunshine 📷 @rohanshrestha

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Sonakshi Sinha is as raw as one can be and maybe that’s why she is the most relatable and believable personality from the industry. We see her getting annoyed, mad, crazy, fun and absolutely cool as well as savage at times, all over her social media.

#fridayfeels #ifeelgood #weekendishere

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As an actor, one would want to control and curb their real selves from the media and public, courtesy to all judgments, and criticism they get each day. But our Sonakshi has a total different funda, she likes being candid, free, and au natural in front of the camera, media or public. She is Real, she is herself!

Sonakshi Sinha’s style is something I really wish to have in my wardrobe, she is stunning equally comfortable and confident as well as oozing sexual appeal whenever needed. She looks cool in her rough and rapper avatar while she slays in her gorgeous avatar as well.


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Just as I said deadly, I also meant her curves. Man, do I want those curves, she is a trendsetter in beauty. Hands down the most beautifully curvacious woman. Sonakshi has made curves look enticing and sexy on a woman, what more could we want then someone breaking stereotypes!

How can we forget the awesome dancing skills she’s got. Sonakshi Sinha is the next Govinda of Bollywood. She dances like no one’s watching her groove. Her moves just like herself, uninhibited!

Against all hate and prejudices, Sonakshi Sinha goes ahead and becomes a voice that can be heard in the industry. Sonakshi Sinha has not only burned all the critics down and still does so flawlessly but I think I live her courageous attitude. Her don’t give a damn persona is what I crave and envy in her.

She isn’t all about being savage though, there’s a part of Sonakshi that’s inspiring, sweet and thoughtful. In some her interviews, Sonakshi Sinha has given out very strong and thoughtful opinions about beauty and what a girl needs to be as confident as her!

Lastly, Sonakshi Sinha gives out the clear message, follow dreams and never give a damn about negativity!

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