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Photos: Delhi Woman Divya Dugar Goes On Country Tour With Her Pet Dogs, Here’s Her Beautiful Journey!


Photos: Delhi Woman Divya Dugar Goes On Country Tour With Her Pet Dogs, Here’s Her Beautiful Journey!

Divya Dugar along with her husband and two pet dogs went on a tour to explore India!

Everyone does not understand the love that some people have for animals. But those who do, will definitely love this amazing journey. Divya Dugar, a Delhi based freelance journalist went on a tour along with her husband and two pet dogs to explore the country.

She told NDTV, “I had three dogs, and now two. I rescued them all when I was living in Nizamuddin West. Tigress and Pondi were my office dogs. When the office closed, they were back on the road and just kept waiting for the door to open. They were young pups back then of eight and four months. I couldn’t see that, so I decided to take them in and make them my family. Marcopolo was the last entry, he is Pondi’s pup and the most spoiled of the lot.”

It was when Pondi passed away last year that Divya decided to set out on a tour to spend some more time with her dogs. And also to spread awareness on adoption of dogs.

But she admits that India is not a very pet-friendly country as she said, “There are a lot of people who mock us or laugh at us. It is hard sometimes to hire a car or rent a car, as people do not want dog hair on their car seat, but mostly I have to say, lot of people went out of their way to help us and make friends with us.”

But still she had a pretty nice experience as she added on saying, “Indian railways came to our rescue. We were a bit hesitant and worried in the beginning about travelling on train, but our first journey from Delhi to Madgaon of 32 hours changed our perspective.”

The couple found Goa as the most pet-friendly state with good enough accommodation options available.

She lastly said, “Traveling with our pets is a completely new take on how we move around, our perspective has completely changed, it is no more about following guide book or top recommendations but it is charting our own way through the country. It is like having fresh eyes to see the world all over again from rediscovering our love for train travel, going to the beach for the first time, finding road side stalls for date nights and watching sunsets all huddled together.”

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