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Are Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh Following Virushka’s Wedding Timeline Or Is It Just Coincidence?

Are Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh Following Virushka's Wedding Timeline Or Is It Just Coincidence?


Are Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh Following Virushka’s Wedding Timeline Or Is It Just Coincidence?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma‘s fairy-tale wedding left us amazed, happy and it was one big news-maker event! An actress who is eternally made for her times and a cricketer who is making India proud with every other match he plays, Virushka game was & is going strong post their marriage. They are always together, look happy and make us believe in love. Their wedding made these two love birds reach their destination and now we have one more B-town couple which seems to be following the footsteps of Virushka in a very similar yet uncanny way and we are a little bit surprised.

If you pay heed to the occurrence of events which happened along with Kohli and his wife, Anushka from the starting, you will find a strange similar pattern with the series of events occurring in Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh’s lives as well. And we aren’t kidding! From the start of their respective love stories, their low key separation & break-up rumor, their trips together, meeting of each other’s parents to finalizing on one of the nation’s leading designer, Deepika & Ranveer seem to be going just the way Virushka went along except for the big announcement for their big fat Indian wedding. Let’s decode how these two couples have so much in common…


Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma in an ad together!


Profession & Work Ending Into A Love Tale : We all know that Kohli and Anushka, before they became a couple, were unknown to each other personally. They both signed an endorsement deal with a leading shampoo brand where they met on the sets and rest is history. And, similarly, when Deepika signed Ram Leela and started working with Singh, their love story started budding and now everyone can’t stop talking about it.


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were seen chilling in Sri Lanka.

Touristy Love : They say that ‘travel together, stay together.’ While Mr & Mrs Kohli were vacaying all over the world before they finally got hitched, the Bajirao Mastani couple also made sure that they must spend some quality tine together and were seen going to Sri Lanka for a quick holiday and rumors sparked that they already got engaged among close friends & family members in Sri Lanka which proved to be just absurd later.


Parents of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh

Parents of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh


Make Parents Meet : Just before Virushka got married, parents of both met each other so as to finalize everything and know each other & their families after all it is an important process for any two families before they give the green signal to their kids to get married to each other. Similarly, Singh & Padukone also arranged a little meeting for each other’s parents so that they can get to know each other & their families better. We are wondering how did it go but are hoping for the best!


Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone

Break Up Rumors : Just a few months before the grand Virushka wedding, Internet went down with news reports which said that all is not well with between them and they have separated. These rumor alerts were sensationalized a lot which led to many speculations that they have reached a dead end in their love story but everything was just a hoax. Soon, they announced their big day on the Internet and happiness was flowing in the air. On the similar note, even reports saying Deepika and Ranveer’s dreamy love-story is facing troubles showed up when the actress was busy shooting for Tamasha with former beau Ranbir Kapoor and it was written that Singh was miffed with his girlfriend after he got to know about the actress had some steamy scenes to shoot with her former beau. All these reports also fizzled out when they made appearances together on their dinner dates and events etc.


Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma In Outfits Designed By Sabyasachi

Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma In Outfits Designed By Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Angle : They looked dreamy when they wore beautiful outfits designed exclusively for Virat & Anushka on various events of their dreamy wedding which were designed by the one and only Sabyasachi. From their sangeet to haldi, wedding to the reception party, the couple gave us goals as they looked pitch perfect together on those marvelous designer wears. Not to forget, Deepika & Ranveer had a meeting recently with Sabyasachi’s team at Padukone’s residence to lock all the outfits which they both will be donning on their special day! We hope it comes true.


Aren’t these similarities too strange to be true? Also, they seem uncanny but they are there. We are hoping that DP & RS also announce their big news just like Virushka and they also get wedded in a big fat Indian wedding super soon!








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