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3 Storeys Is Compelling, Impacting And Extra-Ordinary. Renuka Shahane & Masumeh Makhija Shine Throughout

3 Storeys Is Compelling, Impacting And Extra-Ordinary. Renuka Shahane & Masumeh Makhija Shine Throughout


3 Storeys Is Compelling, Impacting And Extra-Ordinary. Renuka Shahane & Masumeh Makhija Shine Throughout

Releasing this Friday and directed by Arjun Mukerjee, 3 Storeys is a slice of life film which takes us to a engaging little ride and tells us three compelling & interesting stories of people living in a 3 storey building in Mumbai. Beautifully woven within each other in emotions and complexities of life, the movie promises to bound you till the very end. As everyone live in the same building, they keep crossing each other paths and know a little about each other. What gets more interesting from here is when their happiness, miseries and tales begin to make connection with each other.

The movie has a ensemble cast starting Renuka Shahane, Richa Chadha, Sharman Joshi, Pulkit Samrat, Masumeh Makhija, Ankit Rathi, Aisha Ahmed etc and we have no complaints from any of the actors as long as performances were concerned. Though the movie belongs to Renuka & Masumeh who have given stellar and realistic performances making it look like a cake walk. Special mention goes to Richa Chadha who happens to be the story teller, is downright mysterious, impacting and looks like divine in every frame. The film deals with secrets, lies & cover ups which make it even more engrossing as everything gets revealed as the movie’s climax approaches. The debutante director Mukerjee, has impressed us with his first film itself promising to be a decent filmmaker of the coming times.


Renuka Shahane andPulkit Samrat's story is the best in the film 3 Storeys

Renuka Shahane And Pulkit Samrat Share A Scene In 3 Storeys


The first chapter which took us by blow is of Flory played by Shahane, who lives on the second floor, is a Goan Catholic widow who wants to sell her flat to someone via her broker but has demanded a price three times greater than its original price. Why has she done that? Why she hates her broker? She is she cynical? All the answers unveil as the movie progresses. She finally meets a prospective buyer played by Pulkit and decides to sell the flat to him at the price which she demanded or probably way too much in different ways. Rahane, goes back into her past which she remembers frame by frame and Samrat is left wide eyed. What happens next is gripping and will leave you hooked. After a long hiatus, Renuka has made a super impressive comeback and has done something which she has never done before. The most loved smile of the 90’s has turned vicious and intriguing & here is where she proves that class is permanent!


Masumeh Makhija and Sharman Joshi share a scene in 3 Storeys where they play ex-lovers

Masumeh Makhija and Sharman Joshi

The second story takes us to the aftermaths of a woman named Varsha played by Masumeh Makhija, who’s life has two parts. First one has a lover played by Sharman Joshi who leaves her or may be it was just a confusion (we’ll leave that to you) and ends on a sad note. The second has her struggles with her abusive husband who is alcoholic & her love towards her child plus on how she wants to chase her dreams. Masumeh has willingly let go of her vanity in the entire film and has delivered a performance worth accolades. Caught between difficult options & choices, Makhija has definitely hit the bull’s eye with her act. In a short stint, Joshi proves yet again why he is one of the most under-rated actors we have today.


Ankit Rathi and Aisha Ahmed in a dance sequence in 3 Storeys where they play lovers

Ankit Rathi and Aisha Ahmed in a dance sequence in 3 Storeys

The last story deals with two young lovebirds, played by Ankit Rathi Aisha Ahmed who share with us a beautiful & innocent love story troubled by religious boundaries and are ready to turn into rebels to take their love to its destiny. Though the last story has the least screen space and is poorly explained, you end up empathizing  with them. A Muslim boy & a Hindu girl will always have roadblocks no matter what but what is shown here, has much more to it.


To sum up, 3 Storeys, as it reaches it’s end, eaves you amidst questions and leaves an lasting impact! Stories can twist your mind and this movie does the same. The movie’s casting is on point and the background score adds gravitas to the film. It also proves that engaging content doesn’t need big names and we hope that the movie fares well at the box-office as well because it is a sincere effort.

Our Rating : 3.5/5.


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