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Karan Patel Takes Legal Action Against Impostor, Warns His Fans

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Karan Patel Takes Legal Action Against Impostor, Warns His Fans

While social media has made it easy for stars to connect with their fans, it has also unleashed a dark side. Yeh Hai Mohabattein actor Karan Patel is the latest celebrity to face the brunt of it.

Karan Patel took to his Instagram page and shared a few videos and screenshots citing an impostor who has been promising roles for young girls and also a chance of meeting the actor. Karan without knowing about the impostor had promoted him a few years back through a video.

Talking about this he said, “I recognized that video. I shot for this man a few years ago, as it was his idea to bring in new talent in the industry through his acting institute. I thought it to be a noble idea as that would give aspiring actors a chance to get a foothold in the industry.”

On further talking about the legal action he said, ” What triggered my anger was the fact that he was asking girls to send their nude pictures, promising them roles in a bold show. I can take any bullsh*t, but not this. A woman’s integrity can’t be harmed and I won’t leave him for this. I am in touch with my lawyers for an appropriate legal action against him.”

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