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Pari Review: A Pari Tale not to be missed, Anushka Sharma And Parambrata Shine Throughout!


Pari Review: A Pari Tale not to be missed, Anushka Sharma And Parambrata Shine Throughout!

A Pari Tale not to be missed!

The film is set in Kolkata. It is a supernatural thriller. Women giving birth to the daughters of shaitaan and the daughters giving birth to the next generation. A professor fighting to kill the babies of shaitaan. Arnab meets Piyali on an arranged date. Both of them get to know each other. An accident which kills an old lady. The police rescues the old lady’s daughter, Rukhsana. The professor is behind Rukhsana to kill her. What happens when Arnab, Rukhsana and the professor cross each other’s paths is to be watched in the film.

First things first, this is the first horror film that I’ve watched in my life. So, mere liye itna horror bhi kaafi tha for starters.

But for me more than the unnecessary overload of horror a balance between horror, content and emotions is more important.

The film is well made. It has it’s heart in the right place.

The film has been exceptionally directed by Prosit Roy. A promising debut indeed. The execution of the film is flawless. The treatment of the film is interesting. The concept of the film is different. The film is less horror and more thriller. The director plays with the anticipation of the audience to keep the audience by the edge of their seats. He constantly keeps on revealing new information which makes the film engaging.

Not only the way of giving information but the content itself is so new that the audience wants to know more about the story, the characters and what will happen next. The director knows exactly what he wants and his intentions are clear of doing some serious business as the film is content driven without any unnecessary commercial elements. He has made a genuine film showing his artistic vision and a good aesthetic sense.

The audio, as well as the visual storytelling, is equally effective. The director creates some nice moments in the film that will stay with the audience. The film is pretty much in the director’s control but falters during the climax. The climax is cold. I definitely expected a better climax with the way in which the story was building up and all the intrigue that it had created. The world of the film is interesting and nicely visualized. A lot of subtexts can be seen in the film which adds to the overall layering and the effectiveness of the film. The film is not only what you see visually but when you understand the subtexts is when you actually understand the film.

The film is well written. The characters are well developed. The characters are layered making them multi-dimensional. The characters are written realistically with all their flaws and imperfections which makes them human. I liked the character of Rukhsana. You empathize and feel for the character as well as you are constantly rooting for her. The relationship between the characters is well developed.

I liked the relationship between Arnab and Rukhsana. The emotions are effectively conveyed. The twists and turns are well written. The climax could have been better written. More thought should have been put behind the climax as a better climax would have taken the film to a different level. The dialogues are very good.

The cinematography is brilliant. The frames are well composed. The camera movements are well planned. The lighting creates a mood for the film and makes it visually interesting.

The editing of the film is excellent. The editor provides the film with a sense of rhythm, pace and time. The editing of the film is crisp and clean. The duration of the film is in check.

The production design of the film is very good. The entire world of the film and the look of the film is well created. The costumes are also well thought of and compliment the look of the look of the film nicely.

The sound design is the highlight of the film. The foley effects, sound effects, and the ambiance form the crux of the sound design. The ambiance is well created. The background music is used effectively to convey the emotions. There are a few songs in the film used at the right place and blend in the narrative well. They take the story forward. The film becomes so engrossing and gripping because of the brilliant sound design. So the sound design does form a very integral part of the film.

The performance of all the actors is very good in the film. Anushka Sharma is the highlight of the film. She once again proves her acting prowess. Parambrata Chatterjee puts up an impressive performance. He portrays the smaller nuances of the character really well. Rajat Kapoor the always dependable actor, portrays the character effortlessly. It is good to watch him on screen. Ritabhari Chakraborty puts up a nice performance. She portrays the emotions well.

The film can be watched for the different content and for the interesting visual storytelling. When someone trying to be creative and is taking efforts to break away from the mainstream, I think such films should be encouraged. So, I would say do watch the film.

Rating – (3/5)

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