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‘No Doubts, The Video Made Me Feel Uncomfortable’, Says Farah Khan About The Papon Controversy : Watch Video Here


‘No Doubts, The Video Made Me Feel Uncomfortable’, Says Farah Khan About The Papon Controversy : Watch Video Here

After the much talked about Papon controversy where he allegedly kissed a minor girl who is a contestant in the ongoing singing reality show ‘The Voice Of India Kids : Season 2” when he was already live on Facebook, the singer is in deep neck trouble as the whole nation is talking about it and it hasn’t gone well with most of the people. Though many people from the industry like Shaan etc have strongly supported the singer & his intentions but several others like Raveena TandonFarah Khan etc didn’t like what they saw. The singer has been charged with a harassment complaint filed by The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) against him and called his act as inappropriate. An official from the same organisation said, “We have seen the video and have gone through the written complaint which came to us from Supreme Court lawyer Runa Bhuyan. We felt this is a provocative case. Necessary legal action will be taken.”


Coming back to Farah Khan, her opinions on the ongoing controversy revolving the singer are brutally honest just like always. Speaking what she felt after seeing the video which went viral, she said, ” I know Papon, he is a really nice guy but there is no doubt about it that when I saw it, the video made me feel uncomfortable. I don’t think he meant to do it but if it would have been my daughter, I wouldn’t have liked it. I think people should not touch other people’s children and should just show affection to their own children. I think he meant it in the right way and he is a really nice guy but what I saw really made me very uncomfortable. If you see the girl’s face after all that happened, you will be able to see how uncomfortable she was. But as I said, he is not a mad man and he must have done it in a good way but it didn’t give me a good feeling.”



Clearly, Farah has his stand clear on the matter and has said what she wanted in a free spirited way. As per reports, Papon has reacted strongly to the controversies and the allegations & has stepped down as the judge of the show till the time he gets free from all the controversies.

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