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What’s Your Favorite #ValentinesAnthem For This Valentine’s Day? Take Your Pick Here!


What’s Your Favorite #ValentinesAnthem For This Valentine’s Day? Take Your Pick Here!

It is Valentine’s Day, one of those special days that you get to celebrate with your loved one. Not that you won’t be declaring your love towards them all the other days but today you get a reason to express the gratitude you have for their presence.

Show them love and give back a hundredfold to make them realize how special they’re to you. Well, the best way to go about the expression of love is always music. In India, Bollywood rules and music in Bollywood is always one of the Most important element no matter what genre. Music not expresses the right feelings but also creates the vibe and mood around you for the same. So what can be a better way than realizing and expressing love through music! For instance, a song like ‘pehla nasha’ from Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’ definitely fits the best for any kind of romantic situation; a first love, a first date or even if you’re single and feeling a lovely vibe about the day! Well, not to be biased but that’s my personal favorite!

Well, Bollywood has some other really good songs too that talk about love and romance but there are at least thousands of such songs to choose from. We have made it easier for you to track down your playlist for this Valentine’s Day. Maybe even get your own #ValentinesAnthem for this Valentine’s day. That one song dedicated solely to the love of your life, may it be anyone. This Valentine’s day choose your Favorite # ValentinesAnthem and make them smile with all the love towards you.

Here’s a list of choice for you to choose from, you can conveniently vote and show love for your favorite romantic number and make it this #ValentinesAnthem.

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