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Research Shows Adopting Pets Can Help In Fighting Mental Health Problems

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Research Shows Adopting Pets Can Help In Fighting Mental Health Problems

Keeping pets lighten up your mood, keeps you in a healthy state of mind and hence helps in avoiding mental health problems!

Studies show that it is actually good to have pets around you as it helps your mental health. According to a report of BMC Psychiatry, the universities of Liverpool, Manchester, and Southampton conducted research studies on the effects of pets on your mind. And it proved that they are beneficial to those who are suffering from mental health problems.

In fact, earlier also in several studies, it has been proven that pets help in managing your stigma as well as make you feel loved by providing you unconditional support. And in the recent times, several other studies are adding on to this fact. People are recognizing the therapeutic effects that pets can have on one’s mental health.

But still, there has been no systematic review of the evidence related to the comprehensive role of companion animals and how pets might contribute to the work associated with managing a long-term mental health condition.

Dr. Helen Brooks conducted a study on the extent, nature and quality of the evidence that tells about the functions and utilities of pet ownership for those who are facing a mental health problem. Dr. Brooks belongs to the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society of the University of Liverpool.

The study team reviewed research papers from 17 different countries and identified the positive, negative and neutral effects of pet ownership. The results of the study showed how pets help in different ways in managing a mental health condition, especially in the time of crisis.

But it also showed how keeping pets can have a negative impact on the owner in terms of practical and emotional burden of the ownership and the psychological turmoil of losing it.

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