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New Beauty Campaign Has The Face Of World’s Oldest Supermodel Daphne Selfe Whose Age Is 89 YO And She’s Beautiful And Fierce


New Beauty Campaign Has The Face Of World’s Oldest Supermodel Daphne Selfe Whose Age Is 89 YO And She’s Beautiful And Fierce

Do you know Daphne Selfe? Well, let’s know a little more then. There are supermodels and struggling model, then there are new, budding supermodels that grace the catwalk every year. Although they all share one common trait that is the power, courage, persistence and the burning drive to keep going forward in this career.

There may be lot of models that come and go, their whole career is as dynamic as trends in the fashion world. They keep changing. But then we also have those models who become eternally sketched into our minds. Models like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and ofcourse Daphne Selfe. 89-year-old Supermodel Daphne Selfe Proves That Strength And Youthfulness Comes From Within.

For those uninitiated, Daphne Selfe started her career after her 21st birthday, she won a local competition and joined an agency in London. She’s had a huge variety of modelling gigs offered to her. From appearing in advertisements for clothes to breakfast cereal to gin, anything was great when it was Daphne Selfe advertising or wearing.

It is true that life has a way of turning back time, Daphne Selfe got married for many years to Jim Smith, who worked in theatre and television production. She stopped modelling and moved to Hertfordshire, currently living there as well, to bring up their three children. Unfortunately when her husband died after a long illness, she was once again rediscovered – at the age of 70.

Daphne Selfe appeared in Vogue and many others, while her campaigns include Dolce and Gabbana, Nivea and Olay. Furthermore, this 89-year-old has become a sensation yet again as Daphne landed a huge new gig with Eyeko, promoting their Bespoke Mascara.

Manners Lost Life has changed so much during the 89 years I’ve lived and the difference in manners is something I’m conscious of as I go about my daily life. As I dash around London jumping on and off buses, trains and the underground (I do take a taxi from time to time but it often takes longer in the traffic) I notice that it isn’t often that I’m offered a seat. Late one night this week after leaving the Ballet at Sadlers Wells the underground carriage was crowded. Full with mainly young people and not one of them thought about if I might need a sit down. I didn’t mind as I was only travelling for one stop and was able to cope well but it got me thinking about the subject of manners. Recently I had an unpleasant….. click or tap the link in my profile to continue reading: To me manners simply means thinking of others and being considerate – what does it mean to you? Am I old fashioned in my thinking and do you think there’s a place for manners in todays world? What do you think about manners and my two questions? Do let me know in the comments Photographer: Annie Bundfuss for Forever Young #manners #mannerslost #consideringothers

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Daphne Selfe, who has been modelling since 1949, is just as fierce as she was back in her early years. But it will be a lie to think or say that Daphne Selfe has aged, this lady with remarkable features definitely still has that youthfulness reflecting in her eyes.

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WHAT NEW ADVENTURES? At the beginning of a New Year I always like to review the last. Looking back over the last year what are you grateful for? I’m grateful that I’m still modelling and in demand. I’ve done some fabulous jobs, met amazing people, worn beautiful clothes and visited new places. I’ve been able to be useful and contribute – I particularly love mentoring my Model Family (students who have taken my online courses). I’ve socialised with friends, seen art in many forms and had the support of my family and community. My curiosity is……… to continue reading click on the link: Looking back over the last year what are you grateful for and what are your goals and dreams for this year? Any adventures planned? Do let me know in the comments as I’d love to know. PS: I shall be running my 4 week online Confidence Course in January – Be Confident – Feel Beautiful. Find out more in my link in my profile and make sure you receive the details. #beyourownselfe I wish you joy, peace, health & happiness and for you to be the best you you can be in 2018 Wearing Prada Everlasting Grace Harpers Bazaar Netherlands #whatnewadventures @mrferryvandernat #ferryvandernat @bazaar_nl #bazaarnetherlands #everlastinggrace @roelschagen @jamesoxleyhair @emmareganmakeup #daphneselfe

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More about the product and the gig, Eyeko collaborated with Models 1 and Fenn O’Meally to celebrate individuality and diversity in lash type, creating ten videos – one of which, features Daphne. The bespoke service offers you your perfect brush combined with your perfect formula. Created using Korean technology, and a fancy-pants algorithm, each match is unique to the user.

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